Goodmans x pro help please

i am having big problems finding compatible media, that will also play on my other dvd player, and on my computer, which usually crashes when media recorded on X pro is used,this is wholly unsatisfactory as i want to be able to play the recordings on other players apart from the X pro, i do finalise my recordings as per the instructions, i have used several kinds of plus R media with the same negative results any help/guidance on compatible media would be appreciated thank u

What is it that makes you think this is the media, rather than an MPEG4 stream compatibility problem? Do the recordings play back on your computer if you copy them to CD, for example? Otherwise, can you play the recordings on your PC direct from the X Pro MMC card?

when i used the dvd+ rw that came with the recorder i was succesfully able to record video on 2 it. then play the disk back on my computer and on my standalone dvd player, thats why i dont think its a compatability issue, its just that i need to find a brand of +R media that works with the X-pro and will also play on my computer and stand alone dvd player which i dont think is 2 tall an order.
what is an MMC CARD please.

No, it’s not too tall an order.

Download a copy of either DVDInfoPro or DVD Identifier (both freeware) and install either one on your computer. Find the disc on which you made successful copy of the recordings made on your X-Pro, and put it into the DVD drive of your computer. Using one of the above programs, you should be able to read the media code of the disc which together with the brand name will give you a starting point to search for these discs from on-line sellers.

I am presuming that the X-Pro you are talking about is the device which makes MPEG4 recordings on a removable solid state memory card, and in this case is a type known as MMC (other types are Compact Flash). I am also presuming you transfer the recorded files from the card to your computer hard disc and then author a DVD in some way. Is this the case, or are you doing something different?

Maybe both the x pro and the “standalone DVD player” create(play) MPEG4 which is compliant to the specifications of ISO-MPEG4 – Advanced, Simple Profile streams and so doesn’t doesn’t need authored DVDs…

I assume the reference above to “other types are Compact Flash” is exemplar since some readers/writes now appear to take at least 15 different types of flash (and associated) memory.

eg XD Picture Card, CompactFlash I, CompactFlash II, SmartMedia, Secure Digital, Mini Secure Digital (Mini SD), MultiMediaCard (MMC), RSMMC, IBM Microdrive, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Duo, Memory Stick Pro, Memory Stick Pro Duo, Memory Stick MagicGate, and Memory Stick MagicGate Duo


Ignoring the double negative :slight_smile: , if the ‘standalone DVD player’ in question was able to deal with unauthored discs, then yes. There is no indication of the process used, when it was successful, and we await some clarity from the petitioner.

It was indeed a generic illustration of removable memory, and I forgot to add the other basic examples in mind at the time - SmartMedia and Memory Stick). I’m just surprised that the original poster doesn’t know what an MMC card is if he/she owns such an X-Pro device.

A fullsome list these days, yes…

i will explain the proccess that i use(which is rather untechnichal)i have 1 jvc super vhs videorecorder which i connect via a scart lead to a goodmans x pro dvd recorder, i press play on the former and record on the latter and bobs ur uncle,i i have been using extended play mode on the said dvd recorder which means i can put 2 vidios on 1 dvd.
when recorded and finalised i then attempt to play the dvd on my computer and or my jvc dvd player (which will play virtually anything and is very flexible).

incidently the recorder has no extr removable media ie flash cards etc.
i take ur point about downloading dvd identifier which i have now done, but have not had time to use as yet. cheers

I think we are talking about two different recording machines then. The only Goodmans X Pro I can find is a solid state memory recorder, with no DVD discs involved.

It may be the disc quality, so let us know when you get the media code of the +Rs you have tried and failed.

What country are you in, btw…?