Goodfellas on one dual layer dvd (without compression)?

Hello there,

I have the Goodfellas dvd which has a side A and a side b.  Side B contains the second part of the movie. I was wondering how I can get both sides onto one dual layer dvd without losing any content and without compressing anything?  I have Nero Recode and DVD Decrypter but I am unsure if I can use these programs to accomplish what I want.  If I use DVD Decrypter, what mode do I use to rip the DVD (File or ISO)?  Once ripped, how do I use Recode to join them onto one dual layer dvd?  Any help that can be provided would be most appreciated.



Your going to have to rip both sides, Combine them then put them on a 9 gig DL disc. Actually some compression programs are very good.

Thanks for the response. That is the question I have. I am assuming that I would rip the two sides with DVD Decrypter in File Mode and then use Nero Recode to join them. However, I am not sure how to join them with Nero Recode. I believe I use the Remake A DVD option but I am not sure what order to include everything (the main title, the menus, the extras and then the second part of the movie, the menu for that side…etc…). I am sure I have to place them in some kind of order, right?



this is the same problem im having…i need a guide or something on how to do this. nero recode compresses the movie doesnt it? i dont want to compress. plus dont i need an image file to burn with imageburn? how do i get that?

Are both sides less than 4.5GB, or are both sides >4.5GB?

If they are both less than 4.5GB, then most likely the two sides aren’t chockas & you should be able to join them with no problems & squeeze them on a DL disc.

If they are both >4.5GB (aka Double sides, Double layer) then you will need to either strip out features (aka movie only) or recompress.

I’d guess that it’s Dual sided, single layer because it’s an old movie, liekly before Dual Layer DVD’s became cheap enough :wink: