Goodbye Plextor!



Hey guys!! A couple of weeks ago I was complaining in here about my Plextor 740a dvd burner. I flashed it to a BenQ 1640…I reinstalled my ASPI layer and it seemed to be a little better…but alas…it has become VERY unrelieable!! I went out and bought a PIONEER 111D. Now everything is great!! I haven’t had one bad burn. I can burn at 8x with no problems. I would like to thank everyone who tried to help me with my Plextor/BenQ problems. So anyone who is tired of getting bad burns…I know some must be…go ahead and switch to the Pioneer. Zellar


no offense, but i don’t think that one person’s bad experience is enough evidence to say “switch to pioneer”

I’m glad things are working well for you now, but i have a PX 740A @ BenQ DW 1640 and it has performed impeccably.

because you had problems with both plextor and benq firmware that leads me to think you simply had a bad drive and a RMA or exchange would have provided you with a working model.

but like i said, glad it’s all working out for you now!


Same here, I bought it at Christmas time when they had the sales, I have it crossflashed to 1640 BSLB and not a single problem.


I’m sure if you look in Pioneer Forum you will see bad drives there too :rolleyes:


And also i wouldn’t say goodbye plextor cause you know very well that this drive isn’t a real plextor and what you would say if the pioneer is dead after a few weeks or months, goodbye pioneer?! :confused:
But it’s ok that you’ve solved your problem with buying a new drive. :wink:


I was a little to happy…it was just that as soon as I switched to the Pioneer I could burn my Taiwan made Fuji dvd-rs at 8x without any skipping or anything. I didn’t really mean anything bad and I’m sorry I offended. Not my intention. I paid well over a $100 CAD for my Plextor740a and was shocked to learn all the problems. When I crossflashed it to a BenQ 1640 I thought my problems were solved. I only paid $47 CAD for the Pioneer. Zellar


I paid 49,50 Euros for my BenQ and I will change it only for a 1670.
Not even an LG anymore. Or maybe a BD/HD-DVD from BenQ.


It seems to me like buying a drive anymore is hit and miss really. I’ve seen mixed reviews pertaining to all makes and models. I think the key is finding out what works with your particular setup or configuration. (although, unfortunately sometimes it can take a few trial/error sessions)

edit: researching for days/weeks on end doesn’t hurt either, lol


Pioneer?? cough ok…

really lg, benqs, liteon and plextors, are the better drives than pioneer. You must of just had a bad one.


strictly burning dvd-r format pioneers generally do well with cheap disks such as your tawain made fujis :Z …and if that is what you mainly burn then maybe its the best fit for you. Though LG does better imho…plus lg bitsets dvd+r


I also can say the same thing about LiteOn 1693s, I have close to 10 drives, but this one was giving me a lot of problems with any type of DVD+ or dash, unfounately I painted the front panel to match my silver setting, and I cannot return it so I replaced it with BenQ 1655, I am sure there are a lot of people who are happy with LiteOn 1693s, but mine is not good, at least with DVD burning. However, It was a very good CD writer. My LiteOn DVD-ROM and CDRW drives perform very well. But, when it comes to DVD burning my BenQ 1620 and specially 1640 are outstanding, don’t know about my 1655 yet, but so far it looks promising. I also have NEC 2500/2510 and NEC 3500 is a very solid all around drive. I have learned that when almost anything you buy, the best bet is to go with the model and not the manufacturer’s name.