Goodbye Cruel E-world!

It’s absolutely killing me! The cruelty & the pain has to stop!

[li]The quality of the E-world has declined![/li][li]Children no longer have respect for their elders.[/li][li]E-women run much faster than they used to.[/li][li]My eyes are sore.[/li][li]Someone said something I didn’t like about our sheryl.[/li][li]I don’t agree with my government going to war![/li][li]I don’t agree with my government not going to war![/li][li]I hate religious fanatics![/li][li]I hate anti-religious fanatics![/li][li]I sick of political affiliates![/li][li]I sick of people apathetic to politics.[/li][li]I’m sick of computer nerds![/li][li]I’m sick of computer pebkacs![/li][li]I’m sick of people whinging about things![/li][li]I’m sick of people whinging about people discussing things I don’t like![/li][li]I am an attention whore![/li][li]Love me![/li][li]Cherish me![/li][li]Um … please![/li][li]I’m turning my computer off and not turning it on for the rest of the day![/li][li]All these people posting “Fare Thee Well - I’m don’t like something” Get the FAQ over it.[/li][/ul]

Things change. Deal with it.
Sometimes life sucks. Deal with it.
The world doesn’t revolve around you. Deal with it.

I hate liquorice. I hate Ritek. I hate samsung burners.
They taste like $hit, smell like $hit & burn like $shit, some of them, all three.

You don’t see me sticking up flyers on shop walls about my boycott of them because they have stuff I don’t like, or provide products/services to people I don’t like.

Get the FAQ over it.
At some point in time, you’ll have to grow up.

Learn to ignore the stuff you don’t like, or have a chat - like minded people will join in. If you don’t like what someone says, no problemo. People form their opinions from different experiences. Sometimes those experiences intimately involve their siblings.
Who cares? Everyone is allowed to have, and post, their own opinions.
Get the FAQ over it.

Censorship is wrong.
Boycotting a place because they support your ideals of NOT censoring discussions, and then complaining about discussions you don’t like … is comparable to trying to look yourself in the eyes, or lying to yourself.

[center]:clap::clap:Bravo, Bravo.:clap::clap:

If you disagree with anything in this post, I still don’t mind. Feel free to say so, and why. I hope your sister sitting on your lap agrees with you, it’ll make the rest of your life easier.


Not getting any?

EDIT: I meant that in a kind, caring, concerned, sensitive new age guy way…

Bah, I have plenty of soap & moisturising cream :iagree: not that I need these items …

But of course :iagree:

You know, the world would be pretty funny again if we all stopped wearing clothes and hunted for our food.

But we need to complain my australian rabbi, because without complaining nobody sees the problems. And there are a LOT of problems on this ball of dust we call our Earth.

I’m speechless

well not completely smile you could be me

Actually, I’m sitting here with a :D.
I forgot the smileys again :iagree:

LOL :bigsmile:


Hat…err I mean Debro - [B]SO[/B] very well said - and brings into perspective - just exactly selfish we all are - well most of us - well the religious ones - and maybe the political ones too-eh!

I don’t know - so I’ll just throw a tizzie and hold my breath until I turn blue-eh!

I disagree with everything the OP posted. :iagree:

I think the OP is insane

so does this mean debro is leaving and the insane hat will take his place? :confused:

I believe this guy is taking his place…

now that is just too sexy to be him…

Yo S_S-

Naw - pipemanid just got him mixed up with the Slayerkink - his alter ego-eh!

Either that or skipping Prozac dosages.

Yes! Everyone loves prozac.
It’s like Cazorp backwards!