Goodbye! Club CD Freaks!


Don’t you think the advertising and contextual popups here are OVER THE TOP ???

When you get carried away adding millions of EMBEDDED SCRIPTS into ALL PAGES and DO NOT even bother to ensure that they are SAFE and NON MALICIOUS then you have LOST THE PLOT.

<!-- DynamiContext AdLinks  -->
<!-- DynamiContext AdLinks  -->

That script continues to load CRAP from a VERY MALICIOUS DOMAIN
http : // / KonaGet.js?u=1140671046125&p=373&k=Csiia

Here are some DNS checks just FYI

-----------------    --------------    ---------
DOMAIN               IP                MALICIOUS
-----------------    --------------    ---------    NO    NO    NO    YES
-----------------    --------------    ---------

Dont bother waiting for further replies here from me.



ehmmm!!! ok!!!

who pissed on that guy’s cerial this morning?

I’ve been with this board for a while now and I never encountered any kind of malicious script. Besides I have all kinds of measures installed anyway.

Run Adblock as everyone else?

You just really have to love a newbie telling the admins what is wrong with the site…but yet they don’t stick around and give any useful information…oh well…to each their own…

(side note) do people not run popup blockers…and anti-spy ware anymore(end side note)

later beezy

I don’t understand- exactly what does this Kontera thing do?

[QUOTE=Myra;2124918]I don’t understand- exactly what does this Kontera thing do?[/QUOTE]

I don’t believe it matters as it no longer exists as far as I’m aware. :wink:
This is a slightly older thread. :cool:

I was reading about adds, and I was thinking…I’ve never even seen an add on here…
lol. then I remembered that I run adblock and haven’t seen an add in a long time haha.