Goodbye CDFreaks!

Too many political/religious discussions for me these days. I won’t be coming around much anymore. I’m going to try to find a similar forum minus the political/religious bs, any forum suggestions would be appreciated. :iagree:

Honestly, CDFreaks has the lowest level of forum contents related to politics, military, religious, and other areas that often lead to sensitive and controversial discussions among all of the largest PC ODD information websites in English. That was the original reason why I gave up posting (and reading) much on,, and so on.

Personally, I don’t have enough spare time to come to online websites to read reviews and member discussions about CD and DVD drives anymore as the whole optical industry is, I believe, losing competitive edge permanently just like LP’s, tapes, and floppy diskettes. DVD’s today are just too big in physical size, too heavy, and too expensive yet too small in the capacity to store digital information and too slow to read and write information onto the disks. So I just read a few news posts, occasional interesting posts on ODD forums, and some random LR threads.

Why don’t you just ignor all threads with politics, military, religious … titles ?

hmmm… strange reaction mate…

arwuh? i don’t get it.

lol, i just skim most of the time. you should try it instead of getting annoyed with those that create lame threads, and try to resist the temptation to tell them their topic is lame :clap: :slight_smile:

With so much hatred of politcal threads from so many members I really think the only option is a political sub-forum (as has been suggested many times). I know its not really my place to say, but I dont fully see the problem with it. When people got sick of games threads a games sub-forum was created.

i don’t think any mod wants the headaches of modding a political subforum…that seems like it would be a full time job in and of itself! Plus some might argue that just by the subforum exisiting it encourages more political and religious posts (and along with that the possibility of more controversy)

i can see how it would be beneficial to get all of those types of threads gathered together and out of the way, but I can also see the reasoning against it as well.

Ignore my last post, thinking more about it I can see many flaws with it. I feel like a rant.

In the last few weeks especially I have often however see users turn light hearted threads into political flame wars, the original person do to this is often pretty obvious, making a comment about some topic they know is controversial. Often within a few posts the thread becomes yet another (often racist) flame war.

I think much of the problem occurs when humour and the serious discussion of sensitive topics are mixed, joking about something may be funny to some, but chances are somebody here will take offence. The lack of sensitivity leads to users openly flaming each other in pretty much any other thread.

I have noticed a few users lately constantly inciting these kinds of threads, I’m sure most of you get the idea of what users I am referring to. In the hope of avoiding yet another flame war out of this thread I feel it is best for me not to refer to specific users or threads, doing this will likely prompt further flaming referring to threads that have often been closed for good reason.

I do not agree with the view that this is the “end of the forum” or any of that, seems just to be hyping something beyond necessary. But I do think the far more relaxed attitude has gone. Reading through the forums it is harder and harder to tell who gets on here and who does not, and who is just messing around and who is not. Maybe the users have changed, old users do not post here as much, maybe the old users have just become more politically minded. The forum feels allot more like other forums now, I originally liked this forum because everybody here (especially in the living room) seemed to know each other very well. Other forums users where more distant, and flame wars where more common, this forum feels far more like those, and has little special about it from that point of view now.

An option would be to discipline those who where clearly trying to cause political flames, but as has been said, the forum is not about censorship. It would be very hard to be fair to individual users, as many of these politically driven problems go quite far back. It is also likely that older members could get away with it, with new members being punished more harshly.

Another would be to ban political conversation altogether, but I think this would just cause even more problems, politics can relate to pretty much anything. It would therefore be very hard to see where to draw the line. At the moment I guess the line is being drawn somewhere by the staff, deciding when a thread becomes aggressive or racist.

On closer thought the sub forum would not be a complete solution in my view, users having flame wars in there would still be the same way with each other outside of the political forum. But it may help to contain the threads that are political into one area. The games forum helped contain games threads when so many users where getting sick of them.

I don’t post around here anything like as much as I did, I don’t see a point in “quitting” the forum, this action would achieve little other than making the clear point that you wanted change while I was here. I post less for many reasons; one is the more hostile nature of the forum, as discussed earlier, others are purely that I am a lot busier these days.

I know it’s not really my place to say so how I think things should be done here, it is quite hard to suggest or give an opinion without appearing to be trying to force it onto others. I guess I just wanted to let my view out as this isn’t an issue I have said anything on.

Hope this can get sorted out soon, either by the staff or the users, probably a combination of the two.


Oh, and DJMind, sorry to see you go.

Besides, I believe Tax has already spoken on that subject (the political forum one)…:wink:

Edit: Ooops, Ben posted before I did…too slow! :smiley:

An excellent post [B]Ben[/B] and some very good points.


I am just finishing my second year on CDF - and I honestly do not remember any racist comments in the thousands of posts I have read in here over the years - political=yes; religion=yes; racist=no

I do firmly believe that all people have the right to express their opinions and beliefs - it is my and everyone elses right to contribute or ignore - as nobody forces anyone to read or contribute-eh!

All the above should be read with my intent that it be done with decency and regards to the feelings of others=eh!

Well, whatever you think…I have found a great forum to be a member of, and heres rule #3 from their rules:

Looks like this new forum will be better for me, after all, the #1 reason for visiting these forums is tech talk, not political/religious BS. :iagree:

The issues of religion and politics may be forbidden, and will be low level, but I guarantee that eventually, there will be some sort of discussion. Trust me, Ive been to boards like that before, and eventually, there is always a religious or political discussion.

Whatever bro, at least they discourage it, and forbid it in their rules…Let me be, I hope this new forum doesn’t get cluttered with all the crap other forums get filled with. Please don’t be so negative about things, I am just looking for a more straightforward technical forum without the political/religious BS, and hopefully I have found one. :iagree:

Sorry to rain on your parade.:slight_smile:

It’s impossible not to be subjected to either political or religious discussion no matter where you go, not just on this forum but the entire world. If you don’t like, it ignore. You are lucky, as am I, to live a country that we at least have the rights to freedom of religion and political views. Others aren’t so fortunate.

Just do what I do, I rarely ever ‘step foot’ into the Living Room Forum - and I only did now as I saw the ‘Goodbye CDFreaks!!!’ title in the main forum and wondered what the thread was about. Nothing against those that post in this forum, it’s just not why I use and I don’t want to get pulled into Political/Religious/etc. discussions so I don’t read this forum. And out of this forum I go. :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I’m luckier as I am one of those living in a country that only recently experienced the transition from dictatorship to democracy. :slight_smile:

So… who here lives in a country without the freedom of religion and political views? Maybe such a person just cannot regularly come to CDFreaks.

Those who are not very responsible (meaning wanting to provoke rather than discuss or propose) do not volunteer when they are explicitly encouraged. I have 10+ years of experiences moderating various topics of online forums. The existence of such a forum encourages only the bold, responsible, and well-mannered participants. Pure psychology. :bigsmile:

The only reason why there’s no politics forum here: it would further justify creating art forums, sports forums, study forums, sex forums, food forums, and so on. CDFreaks needs optical experts more than new mods for such things. (Where is Spath?)