Goodbye Bleem!

I just posted the article Goodbye Bleem !.

Once a heavily discussed piece of software, but it seems that the end has come for Bleem!. The development of the software that was able to emulate Playstation games on a Dreamcast has probably…

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well its was only time until it happen

Not like they ever updated the product. Doesn’t work on 2k or XP and it still does a poor job emulating the games on the antiquated 9x in my opinion. No loss.

Wish I can help them, I love this emulator, just because it is cool and fun to play with.

Bleem sucks now, and it doesn’t fix nothing to improve the software. And actually, bleem got defeated by VGS(Virtual Game Station).

They started as: Buy it and you’ll get free updates for a lifetime! At that time, you were getting a new version almost every month, those were the exciting times… then, after that, I got my CD-Key, then version 1.5 and no more news, for a … year! All that wait to hear that they a great surprise… on the Dreamcast!!! So basically, I bought the CD-key, got one update and the product died as far as the emulator was concerned on the PC!!! Thanks for the lifetime free update and screw you guys… (‘am goin’ home ;)) Technically… Gran Turismo in High Definition was sweet and everything, but the music was rarely in sync and the compatibility list was a joke next to VGS. Bleem was cool as long as it was the programmer and a few friends only, as soon as they got business men in and tried to get a business model (that failed) to get $$$ it sucked and the PC users got screwed when it was them who brought the rewards to the cool work Bleem! had accomplished in the first place. I ain’t gonna cry on their failure! They wanted big $$$ out of emulation!!! Emulators are software for people with a passion for the original product, and the will to help the emulator to get as good as possible. Turn into a big corporate thing to make lotsa cash… then don’t cry if end-users don’t support you anymore, and enjoy the fights against Sony! :d I could talk for hours about how disappointed I was by Bleem! Never from a technical point of view, I know it was a work in progress, but by the business oriented beast it turned into. Bleem was shit hot in 1998/99! Now Bleem! is dead, R.I.P. … NEXT!!!

Perhaps Randy of Bleem! spent too much money for developing the Key CD :wink:

Since there will be no new versions of Bleem! or VGS, what software is there to emulate a PSX under XP?

Umm … ever heard of Free Emus ? check out for a good start on free emus.

bleem was the best emu that DIDN’T use PSX’s ntsc 1001(6) rom. if you wanna use the rom, get ePSXe and play any game 10x better than bleem ever could.

Nighthawk, and all of you XP users out there, I have found the secret. Go into VGS and go into properties, click on the Compatibility tab, and check Run this program with compatibility for: and you should be able to figure out the rest. But, this will only work if you do not have Pentium 4, since it does not recognize it, and says to use a petium or higher processor. I have not yet figured how to get it to recognize my pentium 4, if anyone has any input on something like that.