Good vid recorder



i have some dvds that i would just like to record clips of.
what program can i use to do this? i have fraps, but it uses too much memory for a recorded file. like 3 gb for 3 mins. ive tried Womble but it just seems to complicated. i use divxtodvd to convert vid files, (if that helps any)


What do you want to convert the recorded files to?


well right now i use fraps to record parts of the vid and then paste it into Womble and edit it from there. i would like it in avi or mpeg form. but i will convert it into dvd with divxtodvd as needed


Why not just skip fraps and load the vobs into Womble and edit. Just mark an IN and OUT and save work area. Do this for all your clips, then load them back into Womble to create one file.