Good vcd software



I just got MOVIE DVD BURNER (still in trial).But my problem is that I burned a vcd and the video is going faster than the audio! So i’m wondering if there is a problem with my comp and if there are some drivers I should get.

P.S. is there a better vcd burner I should buy? AND DONT SAY NERO PLS:)



Before DVDRs became cheap enough to make it worthwhile I used to backup my DVD videos to SVCD on two CDRs (60min/disc) using DVD2SVCD ( This is all free software and although some of it is complex, there are lots of helpful guides and once you’ve done the first DVD you can leave all the settings alone. The SVCDs produced were visually indistinguishable from the original (until I got a really big HDTV). Around 6-8 hours recoding per film, back then, though!