Good value DVD +/- R(W) media in Oz?


Is there good quality ‘cheap’ DVD +/- R(W) media in Australia (Adelaide)?

I know JB Hifi have good TDK media, but its relatively expensive at $4.5+ a pop for DVD-R 4x.

I dont want to use cheapo CMC Magnetics stuff or anything though, so I was hoping for a compromise.


If there’s a Harvey Norman close by, you can get a 10-pack of Verbatim DatalifePlus 2x DVD-R for $39.95. I wouldn’t touch any of the ultra-cheap stuff like Princo (including Shintaro) or Info Smart. If you’re buying in bulk, I’d suggest RITEK G04 discs.

How much are the bulk Riteks? Also from Harvey Norman?

Nah, try eBay. They go for about $125 per 50-pack plus shipping (around $10) making them $135 per 50-pack spindle. Look for the Inkjet Printable RiDATA discs if you want the ultimate in durability! (RiDATA discs are all RiTEK)


I have found 2 lots…

RITEK DVD-R(4X) 50pcs Silver Top G04 Best $115 +$10
RITEK DVD-R(4X) 50pcs Branded G04 Best $125 +$10

They are both the same I assume so is there any reason why I should get the $125 one?

They’re the same discs, but I prefer the branded version. I find that the branded surface resists fingerprints and dust particles that easily adhere to the shiny silver RITEKs. In my opinion the brandeds are worth every cent.

Just my opinion anyway. Buy whichever one you want as RITEKs are outstanding discs through and through. When you get them, make sure that they’re dark purple and have the usual RITEK serial numbering system.

Hope that helps!! :slight_smile: