Good titles coming out in 4k blueray dvd's

I like a lot of the new titles coming out in 4k blue ray dvd’s. I bought some of the ones that have come out already like old favorites Schindlers list, Willie wonka, I also bought an old favorite T.V. show episodes of welcome back kotter. I have to admit they look really good.

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Read this, you may want to stop buying them.

So are you saying you have to buy an older 4k ud blueray player to watch them?

The price of 4k players have skyrocketed these days. I just did a quick search on Amazon for them and they generally range from $200-$300+ with LG having a model with the lowest price at $168.

I know? inflation has caused skyrocketed high prices in everything. You can still get a sony ultra 4k blueray player at a lower cost on Ebay. I know they are used? ,but they still work good. You might have to buy a power cord and a remote .But they are not expensive on Ebay.

I think more than inflation is at play for the price of 4k players. I noticed this occurring a year ago or longer.

If you have a computer hooked up to tv you can always buy an LG WH14NS40. You will need to downgrade firmware in order for it to read 4K. I use MPC-BE to watch 4K’s on my tv’s. Or I rip them to an .MKV file. I have nothing but AMD systems, so I had no choice but to circumvent their silliness. There is no substitute for an actual disc.

Yeah, I think the fact that most not all of the 4k dvd’s look better then streaming is why they are so popular. That and, the pandemic was a factor.