Good system for video editing

Hi everybody,

My query is about optimising my capacity for VHS-2-DVD conversions.

I am using VideoStudio8 for capturing & editing & Nero Express2 to burn.

I am aware that I need to boost RAM to at least 1GB (probably 1.5GB) & use a separate HDD (min. 80 to 120GB exclusively).

What I am using @ present is a 20 GB hdd & 512 RAM with the above software & am getting reasonable A/V quality results.

Is there anything else I can do to maximise the capacity for quality in terms of either hardware or software or both?

Any suggestions from those more informed would be much appreciated.

Thankyou. JC.

You don’t say what megahertz your pc is, but it sounds like you are on the right track. There are ton’s of different video capture and editing softwares. And you will get a ton of people who have specific preferences. There are a lot of different software/hardware configurations for capturing and editing video. Go to and do some reading. There is a ton of information on the subject. Be prepared to spend a few weeks reading various articles and forums before making your decision.
I do this as a small business, and I mostly use adobe premiere 6.5, and vegas video. You can get adobe premiere for around $100.00 with a firewire card, if you watch ebay. Vegas Video is quite a bit more expensive. But there are also quite a few freeware softwares that do a pretty good job. It all depends on how extensive you want to get with your editing, and what you need your capture quality to be. If you don’t have a real high power pc, I recommend shutting down ALL non-essential tasks on your pc before you start capturing any video. That will help alot with the quality, and will prevent too many lost frames.

512 mg of ram is sufficient
what is your capture device ?
what cpu do you have ?
video conversion/editing is cpu intensive

The only part of the system that you can control for quality is the capture. You must have the best capture ability. Other parts of the system you can manage to make for “best” quality, you just trade off time on conversion or encoding. It will just take much longer. If you do not start with the best capture with full speed frames-per-seconds and and no dropped frames, the rest of the componenets will not improve it …

If you need to upgrade and assuming you are not going to replace motherboard and CPU, I would first look into 2 HDD one as source and one as destination, no need to go with with RAID or SATA, but fast ATA100/133 and 8MB cache on ATA100/133 controller and 80 conductor cable are must. Then look to populate all the memory you can.