Good store to buy high quality media that ships internationally



I try to find a good store to buy high quality media that ships internationally.

Please post sugestions of stores.

Unhappyly in my country there is low quality medias to buy. You only find Princo, Ritek, and if to look for well and to pay expensive find Prodisc.

It seems that everything of trash is sent to here. When import is possible, we have that to pay 3 times more expensive (dolar cambio) and still to pay 60% of taxes to the government.


Where do you come from and what kind of dvd are you looking for, if i may ask?


I’m from Brazil.
I’m finding any good quality dvd, like Tayo, Verbatim, Fuji…


I don’t know any South American store, sorry. Did you make a little search over interent about your area. Brazil i very big i guess there are a lot of stores shipping to your city…