Good source for Dual Layer DVD-R media?



Anyone know a good place to buy Dual Layer DVD-R? Or DVD+R
for that matter, but I’d like to find the -R as well.

I’ve heard that there are compatibility problems between Ritek
and most burners. Is Verbatim the only viable game in town?


All DL media I have ever bought are +R. I hardly ever see -DL. If you got money to burn has plenty Verbatim DVD+R DL. Otherwise you should wait for DL media sale. I did and got Verbatim DVD+R DL 6x for $29.99 a pack :slight_smile: . Finally my fav store has it too Rima


IMO, don’t bother with DL -R, it has much lower compatibility than DL +R.


I’ve got two standalones (less than 2 years old) that play the DVD-R DL just fine…

But I had a hard time getting them to burn (Ritek P01). I was only able to get these to burn decent on an NEC 3550A and Optiarc 7170A, I was impressed with the scans, very comparable to many of my MKM 001 burns.

However my Benq was very sporadic, and would error out before completion nearly 50% of the time. My Liteons and LGs created complete coasters on every attempt.

Because of burner compatibility, it’s just not a good gamble when it comes to ~2$ a peice discs.


Good tips, Thanks! I’ll get +R. And I’ll give Rima a try.
Are there other brands or primarily just Verbatim and Ritek?


You might want to specify which country you live in. This is the www after all. As for media Verbatim D/L DVD+R is by far the most compatible and durable D/L media out there. Some burners and firmware configurations will burn other media fairly decently but it is really a gamble.


I’m in the US.

Using NEC burners mostly. (Tried Plextor–horrible, never again)

I’ve placed an order for Verbatim DL +R. Thanks for the recommendations.
If there are other OK brands for Dual Layer, please let me know.



We got some folks testing out some playo (faked Ricoh discs) but so far the results aren’t very promising. It is too early to tell for sure though. All depends on weather or not you are a gambling person. :wink:


For Double Layer go only for Verbatim the rest are all trouble some.


I defer to the greater wisdom of people here for testing. I’ll stay with tried and true. Verbatim then.

Anyone know why Taiyo doesn’t make dual layer?


I ordered Verbatim DVD+R DL media and tried burning a few images. So far, none play correctly on my Philips DVDR-642 player. Menus do not work and some screens are blank. They do play directly from the hard drive.

Could this be caused by the +R vs -R? Any known compatibility issues with the Philips 642?


It’s hard to say unless you have another standalone you can test with.

But be sure that whichever program you use to make backups is set NOT to compress the video or any extras. Some programs are set to compress to 4.7gb by default.


The good and reliable DL media for +R so far is Verbatim brand but I have never seen DL media for -R myself.