Good Software to burn Mp3 compilation with volume Levelling



I am looking for a software with volume levelling for mp3. Nero is good but does not have volume levelling.


I thought that normalization in Nero was doing that?


I have seen no configuration for volume levelling in nero


In Nero Express on the create Audio CD screen there’s the option middle right. Only seems to be there for Audio CDs.


Go with foobar2000. It uses the Replay Gain feature that will make all your songs at more or less the same volume.


Thanks everone for the advice. I currently downloaded MP3Gain and am reading its instructions but from what I found in forums is quite a promising piece of Software


is this what you are talking about?


Ya it really cant get much clearer then that.


The normalization is only available for audio wav files. I ran through MP3carforum and everone suggested MP3Gain - and the car is the last place where you want to change volume fo ralmost every song :slight_smile: