Good Software to Backup files to CD-RW?

Hello ALL:

I have been trying to find backup software that will backup some files to cd-rw. My wife has tried a bunch of them and after 3 or 4 backups runs into trouble.

Here is what she wants to do…

We have a Liteon 5224X drive with XP-SP1.

She creates a backup set called Quicken, with about 5MB of data in it.
Then she has another set called Data with all of her Excel files selected…maybe 40MB.

As you can see both sets should be able to fit many times on 1 CD-RW.

She runs them both to the same CD-RW (DatalifePlus 24X cd-RW’s), they verify and all is OK. This happens a few more times (maybe 2 times a week) and all is OK…then she gets a failure. Genie does not verify, Stomp just Hangs…I wanted to try Retrospect but it does not look like it will allow you to make a complete backup of the datasets each time, on the same cd.

We used Backupmypc for a while, but it just hangs after a few runs, and I have to use a program like SuperBlank to recover the cd-rw again.

There must be something she can use…any suggestions?
She likes the idea of doing a complete dataset (JOB) backup each time on the CD-RW as she can go back to any date.

This is not a solution to your particular problem at hand, but a suggestion for somehting else. Have you considered using media cards, or zip disks, if you are dealing with just files, in a small file range like 50-60mb, I would judt get a 256mb Compact Flash card, and a Reader/Writer and backup to that. Or a 250mb Zip disk unit should suffice your needs, but the CF card idea is a lot easier as it can be stored and takes up less space.

Some good ideas from xtacydima there. However if you do want to use your CDRW drive then you could try Handy Backup 4.0. It seems to offer everything that you need plus it will do it automatically every week for you.

An intresting article can be found here with all of the links you will need to get you going.

Good idea, and I do have some CF cards. I still need software to create a job that just runs. Perhaps the software I have can just write to the CF card.

Thank you, I will read the review when I am off work. :smiley:

Nice review. I had wondered about DVD as well. One thing I did not see mentioned is if you can set it to verify the backup?