Good software for handling .bin files?


I currently have Nero 7 on my computer, but it doesn’t handle the .bin files quite well. I have many long mp3 files which I would like to split using those .bin files.
So hence my question, is there a good program which is preferrably similar (in functions) to Nero and handle .bin files well?

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HOW should that ever work?

Just what connection is there between mp3 files and .bin files?

An mp3 file is a music/audio track and a bin file is a disc image - usually CD.

Sorry, maybe I’ve mistaken the file format.

Text based files like these:

TITLE "The Devil-Fish"
FILE "01-VA_-_The_Devil-Fish-PsyCZ.mp3" MP3
    PERFORMER "The Herectic vs D-Fragmental"
    TITLE "Hell Again"
    INDEX 01 00:00:00
    PERFORMER "Electrypnose vs Mubali"
    TITLE "Data Potion"
    INDEX 01 07:32:17
    PERFORMER "Dejun (Dejan vs Jun)"
    TITLE "Mosi Mosi"
    INDEX 01 14:48:33
    PERFORMER "Deadline vs Baphomet Engine"
    TITLE "Winds of Changes (Psyhamaa vs XaMa CIrKus Rmx)"
    INDEX 01 22:18:30

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So that’s a cue file pointing to a large multi-track mp3 file.

You should be able to burn that using a multitude of apps including Nero I think.

Alternatively an MP3 Splitter will create separate tracks for you. A google search should find some free ones.

Thanks, I kinda confused the filename there :slight_smile:
But is it true that when having a long mp3 file (supposedly a DJ set) and then split it, and burn it, that the transition between the tracks becomes not smooth?
I’ve tried to open the .cue file with Nero, but it kind of crashes, I’ve searched the internet and came to the conclusion that Nero doesn’t handle the .cue files correctly. So then I tried CDRWIN, which really scrambled my system and in result jammed the disk bay!
So now I’m desperate to find a new solution, be it freeware or not.

And another thing, how do you edit your posts/threadnames?
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I also came across this thread in Dutch:

Although the give musicutter software gives me errors when I try to load both the mp3 and the cue files.

Well anyone?

Does the same thing happen with all your Mp3 files or only with one file? There could be some problems with your Mp3 files! I had the same problem before and used Adobe Audition to fix it, it can handle cue files well. :slight_smile:

you could try a bin to iso converter