Good Sites to buy Computer Hardware?

Hi, maybe this is not relationed to cdfreaks, but im starting to buy a new computer, I would like to buy the motherboard, processor and Memory. I Went to but they doesnt accept International Credit Cards, and mine its International. So… im looking for good prices…I could order with shipping to USA but using my Venezuelan Credit Card, so if u can give me some links of the good sites with descent prices, and i could verify if i can buy with my credit card… thats all… hope to not bothering anyone…

Thanks in Advance

EDIT: OHH, BTW; My sister is in Patterson now… if u know local stores with decent prices please let me know… im buying an ATholn 64 3200 Processor, ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe and Ozz 1 GB Memory,


Just a thought as Newegg is THE best place to buy your 'puter stuff-

Newegg now accepts PayPal payments - so set up a PayPal account with your International Credit Card and a USA address and all should be kewl - eh?


I 2nd Newegg. is another excellent site

Chief Value, BestByte, 3G (some good deals), Mwave, and Monarch.

LOL keep in mind, despite the fact that their prices and sales are always slightly different, ChiefValue is owned and operated by the same folks as Newegg…and in fact, since they stock much less stuff at it’s NJ location, when you buy from them a lot of the stuff gets shipped from…Newegg’s CA headquarters…

Hi, Thanks for the replies. Bigmike thats a great Idea… I made an account at Paypal and ready buy somethig at newegg. I also will look at the other stores and fond the best deal for me.

BTW, at Paypal, since im new, i just can order bellow 250 USD. so i had to Pay 1.95 bucks for an Expanded Account, I now have to wait at least 4 days to get a number at my credit card statement. Was this a good Idea?? or was there another way to up the Send money Limit?

Thanks for the Help

Yo Carlos-

Don’t know that much about PayPals limits (even though I have had an account with them for years) - I have bought whole 'puter systems using the account - so I would suggest communicating with them to find out what you can do about upping the limit-


Could you explain that a little beter. I understood the whole thread except for the last post. I am guessing that their is something lost in translation. I mean absolutlly no offence by that, it’s just that some of us might not have understood what you meant to say. What exactlly did paypal make you do to up your limit?
In the US, paypal usally wants bank acount info to lift restrictions. This pretty much stops you from reversing credit card charges on them if their is a fradulent sale. Whatever they did, I’m sure you are safe with newegg, just be carfull using that same paypal account for other things.
Just an fyi on newegg. Keep an eye on the prices. they fluctuate very much, and sometimes a little waiting is all it takes to get a much beter deal (an that can backfire, and I bet they do that on purpose).

Yes Ripit, my English its not too good hehe… oh well. I recived this Email after they charged my Credit card for 1.95.

"Dear Carlos M Gil R,

This is a reminder that we need you to enter your Expanded Use Number.

Your unique Expanded Use Number was sent to your credit card ending in 5019 on
Jun. 6, 2005.

Until you enter your Expanded Use Number, you may be limited in the amount of
money you are able to send.

After you have entered your Expanded Use Number, your enrollment will be

Thank you for using PayPal!
The PayPal Team"

Its something about Expanded Use Enrollment…I really dont understand that very well… I just let them charged my CC becouse what i want to buy its more than 250 USD.

yeah, every time i use paypal they send me an e-mail and remind me that giving them my bank info and linking the paypal account to my banking account is “better”.
yeah - better for them.
it would be another thing if there was an extra discount for doing this but there ain’t and they are getting on my nerves…

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