Good site to purchase NEC 3500?



Hi everyone.
Well, after a couple of months of battling to get my Sony writer to work, I’m finally throwing in the flag.
I want to go out and buy the NEC 3500 but it is not sold at my local Best Buy or Circuit City.
So now the question is can someone recommend a good site to make this purchase from?
I’ve seen but I’ve never bought from there.
Rafael :slight_smile:


Newegg is a good place to buy from for computer hardware. :wink: Fast shipping with reasonable prices for 2-day air, and they will get you the drive in a hurry.


newegg is good but I don’t think they sell the 3500 any more. :confused: They do have the 3520. gives them a good rating. I’ve had no problem with them. :slight_smile:


Oh great, I do some research on the 3500 and then a newer model comes along. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone ever bought from here before?
They have the 3500 there.



Just pay by Credit card so if it turns out bad you get to tell them where to go.


I’d skip the 3500 and get the 3520 at newegg for the same price as the 3500 at the other place you mentioned. the main diff between these is 8x DVD-RW and 8x DVD+RW on the newer model.

newegg = very good buying experience


Newegg is awesome. You can also try ewaggle, I got mine there with an external enclosure kit. Great service and FAST shipping.


Hmm… the 3520, eh?
Sigh, I know what I’ll be doing at work tomorrow.
Comparing the two.
After my headache with Sony, I just want something that works!


Buy newegg or ZipZoomFly both are very dependable. I bought my Nec3520 from ZipZoomFly with free 2nd day FEDX delivery. But get the 3520. Liggy&Dee already have a firmware patch 3520B1 and it works good. The 3520 has a nec firmware upgrade coming out in Mar 05 to be able to burn DVD9-R’s once they appear. And now that this is the new drive I don’t see anymore firmware upgrades coiming out for a model that is already superceded


Not surprising. Your Sony is in fact a relabeled Lite-On Drive. I realize the Lite-Ons are coveted drives around here due to error rate scanning but IMHO they are inferrior in every other respect. If you can’t return the Lite-On, you might want to just hold on to it for that feature. Anyways, I too can vouch for newegg and the NEC 3520A. NEC has been delivering decent writers for a couple of generations now so I feel they are trustworthy and newegg is second to none for customer service.


I got mine a month ago from Tiger Direct.They hava a lot of good stuff just watch the shipping costs.


Hi guys.
Ok, my NEC came in today but I’m a little confused.
Was I just to receive the burner but no cables, instructions, or software?



That is the way OEM bare drives come - unless you buy the retail version you are only going to get a drive (which one did you get and from whom ?)-

Better luck with this one than with the last one-

Be sure to doublecheck your jumper settings BEFORE you close up the case-



I went with the NEC 3520 from Newegg.
Wish me luck… again.


This has got to be a bad dream of some sort.
Someone please tell me why I am having the same problem as before?
Burner stills sees an empty disk as full.

All I did was plug it in, enable DMA, checked settings, and nothing.
Was I supposed to do something else?