Good Set Of PC Speakers?

looking for some nice pc speakers with some good wattage for about $200

right now the set that has caught my eye is the Klispch 2.1 but only 35 watts per speaker and 200 watts of total system power (which is pretty high for the speakers i found)

anyone know of a good set for about $200?

HIGHLY recommend the Creative Inspireâ„¢ 5.1 Digital 5500! :smiley:

How many speakers do you want, what will u be doing - gaming, music, movies? For $200, I would recommend Klipch Promeida 2.1’s, ALtec Lansing 621’s, or for $40 more u can spring for Cambdrige Megaworks 550’s (500 watt 5.1 channel system) at

Klipch r god !

VideoLogic ZXR-750 the best of the best
take a look