Good scans with GC3B f/w



This f/w has given me some of the best scans so far. Well done code guys. Btw no spikes removed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Excellent! :bow:

Kindly provide more info about burnspeed, burnprog and the brand of your disc. :smiley:



Sure thing, my mistake. Burned at 8x useing dvdshrink and nero6. Media is ritek dvd+r (media code ricohjpnr01 002). Stock strat w/ tweaks applied. Auto bitsetting and earlier shift enabled. This is the first rip/burn with this f/w so it should only get better. :bigsmile:


I’m sure you’ll find that you can better results than that if you don’t use earlier shifting!



i tried 1 ritek ricohjpnr01 @ 8x with the CG2B f/w and the results were quite horrible. i have burned every one since then at 4x with excellent results. i will try this CG3B this weekend @ 8x and see if it is any better for me.


Second rip/burn with this f/w. No spikes removed. I think I’ll leave it alone.


Thats really nice. I’ve been getting similar scans with ridata jpnr01 @ 4x on my 451s with CG2B.

I tried 8x but it doesn’t spin up fast enough and it takes liek 10-11 mintues to burn at 8 and the scans aren’t so great. I’m gonna have to get CG3B and try with early shift.


I do recommend you try CG3B for burning your R01 at 8x but leave off the early shift to start with. CG3B will slow down the burn if it does not think the media is up to using early shifts but it will help to produce a better quality result. Surely it’s worth a couple of extra minutes if the result is going to be good. It’s still faster than 4x. :wink:


I dont know why but I’m getting worse results with CG3B on my 851S. PI max around 40 with RICOHJPNR01 Traxdata @4x. See this link for a scan with GS0K stock firmware (only reading speed 8x patch is done with OP).

@CodeKing: Is there a way to extract a strategy from a firmware and apply it to GS3B? As you can see I want to extract RICOHJPNR01 from GS0K and import it to CG3B.


We haven’t been able to achieve this yet. The startegy tables are spead throughout the 1MB of code and it is a very differcult job to track them all down. I’ve given up on two attempts to locate them all.

The funny thing is with your next batch or brand of R01 you might find the complete reverse. :wink:


Do you agree with with terminalvelocd or should I leave things alone as these are very good scans. Thanks.


help please is this bad


you need to right click the windows in kprobe and delete highest value…its hard to see the real kbprobe results becuase of the spikes


deleted highest value this is what it looks like now thanxs for the quick reply


well pif errors are slightly high but chaces are thats an acceptable burn that will read in a dvd player… try doing a speed check in nero and see if the reading arc is in fact an arc…if i’m not mistaken most dvd players can stand pi of 260 and under…and pif of 8 and below…as most of your 8’s are spikes and not clumps i’d say that was an acceptable burn…but you can get better…but a lot of ppl are getting obsessed with kprobe results…this is fine if your like codeking and tweaking firmaware or trying strat swaps…but if thats a burn just for playing in a dvd player or a game or even data backup i’d say its fine


also remember to try different firmwares as most of the quality firmwares are geared towards + as i live in UK + disks are hard to come by…virtualy all we can get here are ritek g04 like you have…
here is an average scan of my G04 using sony VY06 firmware on an liteon 832
G04@G04 no strat swap


832S CG3B YUDENT02 8X Burn


So, best quality settings are USE TWEAKS and Auto-BitSetting … ???


no codeking has made some firmware based on quality over speed…these dont need to be run through patcher…unless of course ya want to swap strats etc


If it’s working ok with your media, which it looks like it is, then leave it for now. If you have problems with your next batch of media then you can try it then. :wink: