Good scan?




I’m new to this, and wonder if this is a good scan?



Good for PIF in yellow… but not excellent. PIF is the most important thing and it’s good here.

For PI errors, in blue, it’s not excellent… You should try a slower burn.
MCC03 are 8X media, maybe you burn them at 16X with your NEC 3520 fw 3.04 ?
Try to burn @12X or @8X.


The scan is fine, considering it (the scan) was done at 16x.


Don’t confuse it with MCC003.

MCC03RG20 is 16x -R media, MCC003 is 8x +R media.


I would rerun the scan at 5x (or 8x), since this will give you more accurate results.


Oups :stuck_out_tongue:



two things, first download the newest version of CD/DVD Speed, second run test at 8x speed (standard around here).

I would say that is a good scan, meaning that it should play just fine in most players. You are missing one important reading and that is Jitter, this can also give you nice pretty shiney coaster.

happy burning


What label is the disc? Anyway my 3520 is almost the same with Datawrite Titanium. My 3500 makes nothing but coasters @ 16x both with Verbatim & DW (MCC 03RG20)

Here’s a Datawrite 3520 @ 16x (5.53 min burn)


Thanks for your answers guys. The label of the disc is Verbatim 16x DVD-R. I’ll do a scan in 8x then.



Here is a scan made in 8x.


looks fine, PI errors of less than 250 should work in all standalones.


that scan is fine with good pif & quality score, i know the pie are a bit high but if you scaned the disc with a benq or liteon the pie would be lower it seems the nec shows higher pie.


So what would you say is acceptable PIE and PIF

PIE: 250 ?
PIF: ?




Why are you using an outdated scaning program? Google NERO DVD Speed and download the newest version. I mentioned that Jitter is very important and could cause coasters. It is also important to utilize the entire disk when determining burn quality.

There are many topics about PIE and PIF, some folks dont even bother because different burners read and decrypt ECC (Error Corection) differently (giving you different results with different burners). I believe PIF ECC for anything above 2.4x speed will be measured using 8 ECC per 4 blocks, with a max of 32 PIF. Some folks say to stay less than 16 PIF for certain burners such as the BENQ 1620.

The best advice I can give you is to research, read and read some more. There are many Threads covering how to read scans.

Good luck and happy burning.


I don’t even look at PIF anymore, doesn’t seem to indicate anything
of vital importance on the equipment we have access to.
(if you are reading at more than 1x anyway)


Hm, where do I start the Disc Quality Test?

In Nero CD-DVD Speed I start the test in the menu “Extras”, but in DVD-Speed I don’t have it.



Hi :slight_smile:
What you want is CD/DVD Speed 3.80 , try this
DVD Speed is limited in options


But I’m using that version, 3.80


Maybe it isn’t possible to measure Jitter on my NEC-burner?