Good Sata DVD Reader?

Hi all,

I need help in choosing a dvd drive to purchase.
-It needs to be a Sata one, not IDE. Unless IDE burners will fit into a Sata computer?
-I would like it to be a very very good(fast) reader
-I’m not concerned with it’s burning speed. I always burn DVD’s at 8x.
-This one is not so important, but is there any that have cd-text capabilities?
The first 3 are more important then this, but would be nice to have.

I live in Canada, so certain stuff may not be available to me.

Thanks for any suggestions given, it would be a huge help.:bow:

[QUOTE=Mickael007;2453497]-It needs to be a Sata one, not IDE. Unless IDE burners will fit into a Sata computer?[/QUOTE]
Depends on the chipset. Lastest AMD and NVIDIA still have one PATA (IDE) channel, and lots of Intel ICH10 boards have additional controller for PATA.

But regardless, I will highly recommend both Optiarc AD-7200S and Pioneer DVR-216D, but I’m pretty sure they’re no longer available. Can you rather list drives you can get?

hello :slight_smile:

IT’s a computer I bought From Dell couple years ago, A Dimension 9200.
I opened it once awhile back, don’t recall seeing any IDE cables, I could have another check in a couple hours though. Intel computer I guess. Core 2 Duo, 2.4.

I’m not to sure what’s available to me, futureshop and bestbuy websites don’t show much at all, maybe they offer more in store eh.

I could get something for tiger direct, they have more.|c:89|&Sort=0&Recs=10

I would go for:
Lite-On DH-20A6S or Lite-On iHAS324 or even Samsung SH-S223B (in that order, considering the quality/price ratio).

However, note that I’m not a fan of LG and their lastest drives (GH22xx) have been really disappointing. On the other hand, Lite-On :bow: