Good sata addon card?

I need one that supports SATA dvd/rw drives. My current motherboard Promise and VIA sata controllers do not seem to support it. Well the VIA one recognizes it but I get IO errors when trying to write to it.

The VIA-based one should be fine, tried newer drivers and what application are you using?

using thier latest from the via site…application is decryptor…never had this issues with this drive/application and the nforce sata controller.

Hmm… Try changing interface from SPTI to ASPI or vice versa, I doubt it’ll help but it’s worth a try.

blah I just scraped my KT800 pro mboard reinstalled the nforce3 one with a fresh os and all my troubles have gone away. It likes the nvidia sata controller :wink: . Plus my system is now very stable…must of been corrupt software causing my issues with this board. Luckily Microcenter gives 100% refunds…old asus going back…thanks for the tips though. :iagree: