Good Sale @ Fry's Today

Frys Electronics today has AMD Athlon X2 Dual Core Processor BE-2300 & ECS GeForce 6100SM-M Motherboard for $88.99 when the regular price is $159.99.

Also with purchase you can buy Microsoft Windows VISTA Home Premium OEM full version for $109.99.

this processor is on parr with X2 3600+ or may be a bit slower. Nice for budget system, way past the minimum requirements for all DVD burners out there

Tried finding it on the site but couldn’t. Got a link?

it is in store only. does not have the same deal online is the only deal, you wont find this deal

Too bad, no Fry’s near me.

fry is a weird place, different deals online, and store. they also won’t match deals to their online page.

You right the problem with Fry’s is they don’t match their owm online prices, I guest because you are paying shipping cost for online.

they never do even if the shipping is free. You cant even return online order to instore

That’s the main reason I don’t go there.

But remember they price match any other local retail stores plus thier return policy is very good also.

I try not to buy from them anymore had problem getting a 20 dollar rebate from them had to fax and send copies to them twice. Had no problem with rebates on items that I purchased from them and the rebate was through someone else but Frys rebates had problems.

That is the alerting news and we should all know that whether Fry’s honors their own rebates or not.