Good Ricoh DVD+R deal?



use coupon Monthly10

25 $23.75 [$0.95]
50 $37.50 [$0.75]
100 $69.00 [$0.69]
300 $201.00 [$0.67]
1000 $650.00 [$0.65]

what do you guys think of this deal?


Er, this isn’t Ricoh. It’s Ritek G04. :Z


whats the diff?


Well, for one, G04s are -R and Ricohs are +R. Very different breed.

They also use different dyes.


so G04 is a different manufacturer?
and its crappy?


very crappy, or acceptable => depends on the batch…


Ritek makes both Ricohs and Ritek discs. But their quality has been sinking further and further down into the gutter recently. It seems that the Ritek discs are suffering more than that Ricoh discs. Nevertheless, Riteks and Ricohs use different dyes.


i need some blank dvds soon


Then get Imation. They work for me everytime. I have NEC 2500A and the Imation 4x burn at 6x
Never a coaster