Good Review



CDFreaks main site has posted a good comparison review of the Transcoding software.

appologies if this has been posted already, I found this link back from another forum.


Yep, well done, seems CloneDVD came second in the overall verdict (from what I could make out), which is great praise considering Instant Copy is bound to be the best due to the length of time it takes. If CloneDVD used a 2 pass 2 hour per DVD system I am sure they would have equalled or bettered IC7.


Even though I do not personally prefer DVD95Copy, it is strange how they missed it in the review. Later versions do in fact decrypt the CSS and can transcode directly from DVD is possible (although this is non-advertised/promoted feature). Also there is another software called DCS which has a complete decrypt and burn all built-in. I have not tried it though.


>it is strange how they missed it in the review

…we have such little time…and so much to do! Something gave and it was a few other apps. GF could expand on the whys and wherefores…if he had time :wink:


Maybe it was too much of a hassle to go through the registration process in order to download DVD95Copy to give it a review? :wink:


I’m glad you winked, because my Administrator’s Panel allows me to liquify you with a click :wink:


The reason why we limited the amount of products was indeed due to a lack of time. I was at the time working on the DVD article while I also wanted to start working on the Nero 6 preview (which came along later but had to be finished soon since we wanted to be the first site to post a complete preview on which we succeeded I believe ;)). Anyway, the current DVD article already has more than 100 images… as you can image this took a lot of work. Perhaps we can do a similar article in the future where we add more programs such as DCS and DVD95Copy.