Good reliable dvd+r media in the UK?

Not sure what to buy now, as Maxell switched from TY to Ritek, and Verb to CMC.

In the UK TY +R discs cost £0.50 each in a 100 spindle (SVP). Verb, Maxell, Ritek, those titanium discs, seems they are all so much crap - sometimes good, often bad. What good relaible discs (+r) in the UK can be bought these days.

I looked at the media tests - the same discs for some seem fine, others bad - and those that have great burns then have bad ones. What a mess - it’s hard to work out what media is good but not extortionate in price.

These are the discs that I get. I get good quality burns with them too. In my NEC 3520 they burn at 12X speed too

Use verbatim, even made by CMC they stay reliable. And you can get them for a good price from svp


Far from all 4x Maxell DVD+Rs were TY, many were also RICOHJPN-R01 and a few were MAXELL-001 and RITEK-R02. AFAIK none of the 8x DVD+Rs have been TY, most are MAXELL-002 and some are RICOHJPN-R02.

All Verbatim discs sold now have MCC/MKM mid code except the pastel ones (TY). Sure there are different actual manufacturers of the discs incl. CMC but I haven’t found any proof of that they would be worse and this is not a recent “switch” either.

Anyway, there is a thread in the bargain forum about cheap Fuji TY media that might be of interest to you:

I was buying Maxell 25 tubs x4 with TY dye from blankshop - but they no longer sell them as Maxell switched some months back - they were excellent media.

I have used Ritek, verb, Fuji from time to time. I thought I saw some threads in the media forum saying since verb switched to CMC manufacture (some runs), the quality varies and is often poor? I know CMC are better than a year ago. Thanks for the replies - I will check those links.

I think most cmc manufactured media is excellent.

u tried datawrite titaniums find them pretty damn good or even better the yellows not to push em but i find them pretty damn effective but thats just my opinion give em a try.

…or not

stick to verbatim :wink:

maybe not your cup of tea Mr. Brownstone but i find them quite effective. Also tried the datawrite titanium 16X discs which i found to be quite too.I dunno best way is to find your favourite is try them all or try and get a few test discs of the one you want to try and then research

I find it best to do the research first (hence this forum) unfortunately datawrite products vary in quality drastically and imho are to be avoided, the fact that people may have gone through various cake boxes with no apparent coasters meaning the discs have verified and played back doesnt mean it is to be trusted for long term storage, buy quality and be happy, or buy cheap and end up taking a gamble on quality.

I tried datawrite 8x MCC03 as the MCC03 DataSafe was really good, but unfortunatley for me DataWrite suck! Same dye but drastically different results.

I steer clear of all datawrite

What can be trusted for long term storage then?

The 50 Ritek G04 printables, that lost all my data in under a year, weren’t to be trusted, but no way to predict that until it was too late.
I’m hoping Verbatim MCC 003 8x plus will be good, too soon to tell though as they’ve only been out 6 months.

i would have thought these are about as good as they get

That comment is about as true as you can get - universally, in the CDFreak world, where people pay more respect to peoples actual varified oppions and tests, than false claims and bullshit, TY cannot be beaten, and these Fuji are relatively cheap and superb quality - hope APR keep stocking them without price increases. Soem people will still buy el’cheapo bulk/rainbow-top/etc, etc, and claim they are great - when we all know what the truth is.

Quoted for truthery :iagree:

I’m married and haven’t had sex for ten months - But hey, I feel better now that I know that the Fuji discs I’ve just ordered should hopefully be Taiyo Yudens.