Good Reader?



I have a px w12/10/32a and according to the hardware chart i can write in RAW-96, read audio in RAW+96 but can only read data in RAW.
Now my question here is, is there a hardware chart that lists CD roms for reading? I have a LG CD-ROM CRD-8520B and want to know if it supprts RAW+96 for data or not.?
any help would be great…:slight_smile:


The Toshiba CD-ROMs are recommended for reading with CloneCD… ANd besides that they are cheap :wink:

Ps. Although the Plex PX-W1210A is listed as only being able to read RAW I never had problems with it reading RAW+96 (could copy copy-protected PSX games without any problems)…

I think (not completely sure here but I read it somewhere on CD Freaks some time ago) that officially these Plextors cannot read the Subs and that’s why the CloneCD hardware requirements were changed. But like I said before although they officially don’t support it I never had problems with it…

Check the CloneCD Hardware Requirements for more info on your LG drive.


just use your plextor for reading protected games.


Okay beforeI posted this thread (good Reader?) i tried making a backup of max payne using clone cd and betablocker. I used the LG drive to read it to my hard drive then applied beta blocker, then burned it to a memorex cdr black 700mb disk with myplex12/10a. Once that was done i uninstalled the original max payne from my p/c wich i have had for awhile now. and then installed the backed up copy,using the LG drive… no probs playing it or evn using the point release for max payne and it still works fine…but only on my pc…I tried to install it on another computer and i got some kind of temp dir error when i tried to play it…
Now i’m gonna try it again using the plex 12/10 to read and to write.


okay ive completed the 2nd attempt at copying max payne, I haven’t tried it out on another system yet, but one thing i wanted to note. the 1st attempt when using the LG drive to read with ccd, it took about 55 mins to finish creating the image to my Hard drive. now even though the LG is a 52X cdrom, and the Plex i have is 32X, it only took about 12 mins for the plex to copy the image to the file…
bye the way both times i have been using the latest relese of CCD


Okay, I’ve tried backing up Max Payne several times using every different way i can think of.
The best effort is when i used the LG to read at max speed with error skip checked and set at 3 retries with hardware selected.
Then applied beta blocker and burned it with the plex.
The game installs and plays on either of the two drives no probs. but not on my friends pc. it will install on his, but not play. maybe his cdrom just sucks…
I tried a few times to make the backup of MaxP using the plex to read(using the same settings as mentioned above) and the game
would only install and play in the plex but NOT on my LG.
Would this suggest that my LG has something my plex doesn’t when it comes to reading? Or did I just get lucky some how the one time?