Good quality DVD-R media in the UK?

I’m after some good quality DVD-R media, basically something that will last a long time, speed-wise I only need 4x.

Looking at the stuff available at most UK online vendors, there is cheap and cheerful media and the more expensive branded stuff, maxell, verbatim and so forth.

As with CDRs, on paper, buying branded doesn’t seem to guarantee you’re getting any more than cheap media with a brandname on it, with DVD media there just seems to be too much choice almost.

Any suggestions on what to buy, and where from (in the UK) to get good uality, without paying through the nose?

Just noticed Mitsubishi Chemicals media at what look like good prices at - any thoughts?


Hi Paul

I think you could find the Verbatim Pastel (TY G01), sold in 5-packs at (SVP), suitable for your needs.

The shop is very reliable and the media best of breed.

You can try

They are renowned for only selling higher quality brands like Maxell, Verbatim and A Grade ritek.

Any real TY are the ebst bet - those new Datawrite Grey-top x8 media are not that good! Had a few with red sectors. I always stick to TY for cdr/dvd+r for normal use - got the datawrites to backup stuff temporarily.

Verbatum are good - but svp ( and blankshop ( both UK have some good deals on TY media (-r / +r). You can get Maxell 25 dvd+r tubs using TY dye (excellent media) for £10 inc vat !!.

try the 4X Epublic DVD-R by CDRepublic… i’ve now burned 200+ of these and they have worked in everything from PS2’s & XBOX’s with picky drives, as well as many dvd players… not had a single coaster…

£7.99 for 25 or £15 for 50 and they have several outlets within the UK…

Could you tell me what type the Verbatim Pastel (TY G01) is and if there is a stock number as I looked but could not find it on the web site

The Verbatim Pastels are on the DVD-R page, near the bottom:

Found it thanks very much, do you know what are the bulk TY’s like (just above it on that page)

Bulk TYs will be equally good,IIRC. Give them a shot…

I’ve used 100 of the Taiyo Yuden unbranded dvd-r and everyone has made a movie backup fine.
I’ve just ordered 100 of the printable Taiyo Yuden, the unbranded ones mark like hell on the top, they can smell finger prints I swear.
The Verbatim pastel have also done well for me.

The silver printable are very pleasant to the eye and feel. No finger smell…

They are still unbranded, and like the white ones, alleviate finger print problems as well as two discs slightly sticking together as sometimes found in plain unbranded spindles.

For the Bigpockets one, the “Mitsubishi Chemicals” (50 for £9.99) says - Lead in info: SKC

Since when have SKC had anything to do with Mitsubishi?

Since when has Big Pockets given anyone a straight deal. :wink: On another forum I frequent there have been so many customer complaints from them that we actually banned their seller/advocate from the forum. SVP would definitely be the way to go. Lots of praise about them. Also, last I heard, Big Pockets was now selling cars. What on earth is a blank media/computer site doing selling cars. :lol: