Good quality dvd media with nec

hey guys…

ive been outta it for a while and i’d like to know, what is quality dvd-r / +r media to use?

ive been doin searches but i got a bit confused,

preferrably not ridiculously expensive but i dont need any Princo type situations… i expect my burns to stick with me for a while…

i have a nec 1300a with a few firmware upgrades from herrie’s site i did a while back.
im in holland by the way.


In terms of burn quality, you would be hard pressed to find anything that the NEC will not burn well. CMC, Prodisc, TDK and Maxell all burn well, as does MCC. OF course TY is still the best all-around choice. Durability/longevity is another question, but there’s no evidence that any of those choices will not be fine.

i went and ordered the

Fuji DVD+R 8x in 50-pack Cakebox with mediacode: YUDEN000T02

at , there supposed to be TY so i guess thosel do just fine.
thanks for the help.