Good Purchasing Experience To Report

I visited the Slysoft web site this morning to cash in the cdfreaks discount code (Nothing like waiting till the last minute, huh?) and it was really easy.

The discount code was recognized & the billing went smooth. What really impressed me is that the web site gave me a download link tomy license right there after I paid.

Less than 5 minutes later I had an email to my registered email address that not only had the license file attached, but also contained a download link for it in case the attachment didn’t make it through.

Now it’ll be a perfect experience if the license works when I get home tonight…

It was the same for me, no hassle with either Clone or Any DVD and yes the keys worked straight away just like the programmes, brilliant. :bigsmile: :iagree:

@ Innuendo,

Congratulations on your purchase.

Glad to hear that your purchase experience went smoothly.

You will find that the SlySoft software programs work as advertised and produce excellent results. You will not be disappointed in your purchase.

I hope you heed the advise provided by SlySoft in the E-Mail they sent to you with your registration key and make a back up copy of your registration key and store in a safe place.

There are numerous posting in this Forum by AnyDVD customers who due to their carelessness failed to make a back up copy of their registration and store it a safe place. These AnyDVD customers come running to the Forum crying that they lost their registration key and expect SlySoft to instantly replace their registration key. Play it safe and make a back up copy of your registration key and store it in a safe place.

Below is information posted at the SlySoft Web Site concerning lost registration key.

Best Regards,

It is very nice to hear that you like our shopping system. We have written it completely ourselves, as we no longer use element5 / Digital River.

Just dropping back in that the key installed with no problems at all.

And I don’t like the shopping system, I love it. The key is presented in three distinct ways when purchased so there’s redundancy to ensure the key is not “lost” during transit after the sale is made.

And don’t worry about me & backups…keys, serials, etc. I purchase are stored in 3 or 4 different locations to prevent pain & suffering later.

Thank you! It was quite a piece of work. Looks like it paid off! :slight_smile:

James, everything your company does pays off, You, Olli and all the others that are involved are hero’s. Where would we be without you lot. :slight_smile: :bow:


Just gotta jump in here and say that I have had AnyDVD for the past 15 months - and it is one of the best supported programs out there-

Thank you all at Slysoft-


I just purchased it on the last day of the discount too.

I had been hesitant to purchase Any/CloneDVD since I was using DVDDecrypter/DVDShrink (freeware.) I already see the value in the purchase, the UI is so simple, AnyDVD makes the whole process much faster and eliminates a step, I’ve owned the product 2 days and already got an update (that’s just amazing) and the support for the product seems great.

Thanks for making a great product guys :slight_smile: