Good PSU?

Well at the moment I have a PowMax PSU, 450W. I’m looking to get a new PSU because my DVDs have spikes all over them when checking for quality. I just wanted to know if this,, PSU is any good? I know the brand name is good but it seems to be extremely cheap so I want to make sure before I go buy another PSU.

I would look for a model that has PFC ( Power factor correction) there are some enermax models that have it. but they arent going to be this cheap.

Well since that one doesn’t seem to be good then how about this one, ? It’s only $20.00 but I looked into it a little bit more and it retails higher. Just want an opinion.

EDIT: BTW, forgot to mention that it’ll be used for an Athlon 64 mobo, an ASUS K8V-SE Deluxe to be specific. Will I be able to use it for that?

I have a old Antec 300w that drives 5 hd’s, 4 optical drives, a tape drive, etc and it still keeps up fine. They make great power supplies. If you can get it real cheap it’ll probably do OK as long as you don’t put as many things in the box as I’ve got. You might be able to buy a new one on sale elsewhere almost as cheap though unless he only gets a 10 dolar bid. I’d get a 400 watt or bigger by Antec, Enermax, somebody good like them.
I have a amd 1800 + and a ti 4200 video card also in here.

I use antec truepower never had any problems with it.I’ve only had problems with cheap power supply’s because they don’t like being pushed to much and start to play up.So pay the extra money and get an antec or another brand in same price range and you should right.

Both antec and enermax make good powersupplies. PFC isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, all it really does is makes it more efficient. It really doesn’t make the output any more stable, but they charge more for it. If that first link is a reliable source I’d say go for it. That’s a helluva deal, but I’ve never heard of them. I’d get the highest output you can afford, that way you can upgrade in the future. :wink:

there are two types of PFC the only one worth anything is ACTIVE PFC which gives you continous line conditioning.

Yea, it’s just that I don’t believe that those should cost so much. I mean around $100 for a good PSU, doesn’t that seem a little much to anyone else. I wouldn’t care about paying that much if I had a job but I’m only 17 and it isn’t exactly easy to find a job around here.

Well since finding a good PSU cheap isn’t gonna work I just want to know which Antec line I should go, SmartPower or TruePower? Basically which one would better better for burning DVDs?

I would go with the true power series myself. in fact I have two antec truepower PSU’s in two of my machines. in my main one which I use I have a PC Power and cooling 510 deluxe now you wanna talk about expensive this one is expensive…lol

any other opinions?

Well if you had a choice between and which would you get? I mean if they are roughly the same then the SL350 would be a better choice since it’s like hlaf the price, right?

I would choose the 380 true power. the true power series are better built and deliver more power under load.

Good, cause that’s what I chose. I had to pick one before 2PM EST so they could process it today. Well I hope it fixes my probs.

Well, as long as the antec 350w holds out it will be a good deal. I just read you’re using an a64 chip, those are a little power hungry. That chip will probably eat about 75w all by itself. That should be ok as long as you don’t stick a beastly video card in there like an x800xt/pro or a 6800gt/ultra. If you plan on getting a good video card you should get a psu with 20a+ on the 12v rail. If you do pick a powersupply that’s too small you can end up spending more mone on shipping than you did on the powersupply just returning it a couple times. This is not a good place to be stingy, your whloe system depends on this device working properly. :eek:

Well I do have a 6800 GT for my video card. So idk. The PowMax PSU I got now does like 26A on the +12V rail. But I still think it blows.

I had an antec true power 330 running a 2.6 Ghz P4 with a 9800 pro video crard and 1gb DDR and two optical drives with no problem whatsoever but I do agree that it is preferrable to have 20A or more on the 12V rail.

is the 500w xconnect psu any good?