Good PSU? Buying advice?

Having recently found out me PSU is on its way out please advise me on what to get.

ATM, i have 350W PSU and i have never had any power problems (not evough power) so i presume keeping with 350W is OK. I’m not to fussed about the noise aslong as it doesn’t go VRMMMMMM like a freckin car but if it was a low noise/silent one that would be very nice if the price was OK.

If my system specs alter anything check me sig.

and please note i like in the UK and if you recommend anywhere please make sure they are a safe and trusted company such as amazon or ebuyer.

Thanks you for your help.

When buying a new PSU, don’t mind the Watts too much, but rather take a look at the Amperes it can handle on the 5 and 12V rail. Considering your system, I think that a quality 350W PSU (which normally stands for about 30A on 5V and 15A on 12V) will be more than enough. It’ll leave you enough room for upgrading.

Good brands are (amonst others): Zalman, Chieftec, Antec, Enermax, BeQuiet, Fortron, LeviCom, TSP etc etc…

To be honest i don’t have £44 to spend on a PSU and if i did have the money i would probably not get a PSU. I can get a PSU from me local computer fair for £4 - £15. Why not get one of those or for £18 including delivery or this one

£44 for PSU, i wouldn’t really pay that much unless it made your computer fly… then maybe.

Thanks for the info so far
I wouldn’t go below that but if you want to buy some POS PSU go ahead.

That mght be OK but that fan looks pretty big… will it actually be small enough to get thorugh the fan grill at the back of me computer?

Could anyone else recommend any other PSU’s?

Wots wrong with this one:


What is the difference???

Or this, isn’t Q-tec a good make???

I got a 550W from MD and it hasn’t given stability problems for my athlon 64 machine & its pretty quiet & it lights up in different colours when it is on.

A 120mm fan moves more air at lower RPMs than a smaller fan which means less noise.

The single 120mm fan is inside, and the rear of that style of PSU is an all-over passive grille.

The alternatives are dual 80mm fans (inside and rear) or the traditional single 80mm fan at the back.

Just had a wander to ebuyer…
With FREE SHIPPING, this model is a bargain, but is it really a 500w unit - nonetheless, it seems dto do reasonably well, powering a system that a 350w Antec was having trouble with (and you can push the big name PSU’s all the way to 100%, more so than the less respected names)

500W for 11 £, yeah right I bet it’s even worse than QTec’s PSUs.
What you’re looking at is more than likely peak power performance which usually lasts for a few seconds before it desides to quit. You can’t even find information regarding the power rails which is a bad sign.
Lemme give you an example.

Here you have the ratings for a QTec 550w PSU (notice the difference between peak and max).

Then take a look at the FSP 350w PSU for instance.

As you can see the FSP PSU which only is rated 350W keeps up pretty good with the QTec 550w PSU at max load. Known that I would go for the FSP PSU which is much more quiet too.

For the record, I have two QTec PSUs at home (450w, 550w Dual Fan) and yea, they do what they’re supposed to do but I wouldn’t recommend anyone to buy a one if they can afford one with a 120mm fan instead.

Qtec is a brand that can bring you lots of luck but also lots of troubles. Some of their products do what they are supposed to do (considering the price that can’t be that much) and some products are nothing but crap. I’ve seen both cases irl…

I’d never buy a Qtec PSU because of two reasons:

  1. I’ve seen to many fail or act weird
  2. The PSU is the heart of your system. Without a good PSU, nothing can work well!

the one i got from MD was ‘golden power with a 12cm fan’

it has been good, as i said

Well, i was looking at that ebuyer one and what makes me wanna go for it is:

  1. Price
  2. The reviews

All the reviews are excellent and you can find the rail details or what ever from people posting there. Take a looook.

I’ve seen the Magna’s at computer fairs, the thing I like least about that style, is the intake fan faces forward, not down.

I have a 120mm single fan unit (450w) to put in mine now, to replace the original PSU (fan replaced when it failed and survived the cookout with no damage!), and two previous upgrades.

Failed so far:

  1. QTEC 400 (or was it 450w) dual fan gold - had monster inaccurate negative voltages that put the system in bleep mode - taken back.
  2. No-name LPG2-40 dual fan gold - voltages a tad low, then started to get powerdowns

The one I have, boxed, but no real reference for the name, is of a similar style to the picture on Scan’s “Today only”

£7 + VAT carriage makes Scan a better option if you can get to the shop - mind you, that’s the same carriage for a PSU or a pendrive - they are STINKERS for that!

don’t go for an ebuyer one, i’ve had two of them, both broke down, had to bash them both to shut them up, and then they died. My advice would be to spend a little more on one, more stability, less pain…

Please can someone just show me a good PSU, no , more than £25 that is good, stable, won’t break. DONT bore me with the power specs cos i wont understand so it’ll be a waste of time.


How about scrolling up?

Could you give me the link please dont know which you mean??

As you can see the FSP PSU which only is rated 350W keeps up pretty good with the QTec 550w PSU at max load. Known that I would go for the FSP PSU which is much more quiet too.

Could i have the link to the FSP PSU please cos i dont know whci your talking about?