Good Protection?




Ive been trying to backup a copy of “Layer Cake” Region 2 (Red Disc). But it stops at 28% with the usual cyclic error. Are these “Red” discs uncrackable or is it just a case of waiting for a patch?
Ive tried with two PC’s on 4 Optical drive all with the same results.
Im using DVDShrink 3.2 and ANYdvd

Thanks for any help you provide



AnyDVD History, 2005 03 13

  • New: Improved CSS key extraction, if title is additionally
    protected by Arccos or Puppetlock.
  • New: The irrelevant title sets on some Arccos protected discs
    are now completely replaced with dummy sectors, e.g., “She Hate
    Me” (UK), “Layer Cake” (UK) or “The Forgotten” (German).
    Even if CloneDVD was able to create a copy of these titles,
    copying all files from the DVD to the harddrive with Windows
    Explorer or Total Commander would fail.

According to that, AnyDVD should have no problem with that disc.