Good printer

what would be a good printer to buy to print on disks? im not lookin to spend a whole lot of money so something kinda cheap but good. could ya give me some ideas with websites? thanks

Where are you? In the U.S., Epsons are the only printers available that print on inkjet printable discs. The Epson R200 is an excellent choice. NewEgg has it for $84, plus $2.99 shipping.
Costco had the R300 for $139.99. The R300 has USB 2.0 and a built in card reader.

the Canon iP3000 gives me great results printing on discs, paper or photos… and the ink tanks are very easy and cheap to refill :iagree: … sell for around $204 au here…

goodluck with your choice

I just bought the R200, and even tho I had heard the good results people had had, I was still surprised at how good a job it did when I printed my first disc.

I bought mine at Office Depot. It was $98.00, which is just a little more than NewEgg once you add shipping. I figured since I bought it locally… it would be easier to return it if I didn’t like it.

I’m not the biggest fan of Epson, but for the price and print quality, you can’t beat it.

the r200 is on sale at staples this week i think for 99 with a $20 gift card

@cnslon, do you have an r200?

Since Christmas i got the Canon Pixma MP750. It’s CD / DVD Printing simply rocks! :slight_smile:

hope i could help.

c ya