Good printable DVD+R media for an LDW-851s?

Hi all,

Can anyone please suggest a good quality printable media for the 851s?

It seems these drives don’t like DVD-Rs at all so I guess only DVD+Rs will work well.
I have tried Bulkpaq and they are awful (at least the batch that I had were).
I also tried TDK DVD-Rs and they also just didn’t work well on this drive.

How about these: DVD+R:YUDEN000-T02-000

Or philips, samsung or verbatim?

so it seem no one can recommend a single piece of good printable media for this drive.
I have even tried the latest CG4E FW from the codeguys (who do a great job of support) but with no luck for TDK DVD-R TTG01 media, still nothing but coasters :frowning:
So NEC here I come…

an nec would be a good choise but even that will strugle with bulkcrap media (theres no such thing as a good batch) in the mean time if your in the uk fead your 851s some of [these]( love you forever :iagree:

I have an 851S that I’ve patched with CG4E and is running as an 832S. I have had excellent results from the TY 02 printable media. Here is a Kprobe from the last disk I burned @8x.

The RICOHJPN R01 disks work pretty well with both of my drives a 832s and a
1633s. I believe you will have good luck with the YUDEN000-T02 disks also but
I can not and do not recommend using Prodisk R03 disks with any Liteon drive.
I bought a 50 stack of LEGACY DVD+R 8X White Inkjet Printable and they turned out
to be the Prodisk R03’s and so far I have got one (1) halfway decent burn from the
Prodisk R03 out of around 30+ disks I have tried to burn with them so far they turn
out to just be coasters :frowning:
So if you are looking for the most reliable printable media my vote has to go for either
the YUDEN000-T02’s or the Verbatim and then the RICOHJPN R01 :wink: