Good Priced DVD's

I am looking to buy a bunch of DVD’s for a very affordable price. ANybody know of some cheap places to get some? The type doesn’t really matter. Just a basic 2x or 4x DVD. I used the Maxell’s and they work fine.

Help is appreciated

which country are you from?

I am from Toronto, Canada.

Check out
Best Buy - They have this week Memorex DVD either +R or - R at 10 discs for $19.99
or - Stock seems limited right now
wait for the Boxing Day sale

Hope this helps

I have used both the Maxell 2x DVD-R and the Ritek 4x DVD-R. For the DVD’s listed on the site, which do you think is the best quality of the three least expensive ones? The Maxells seem to be reasonably priced. Have you ever had any problems with them or is there one you normally use that works well on a consistent basis?

Hi leafsfan1967
I do not own a burner that successfully can burn - R discs. That puts me in the + R camp. I have used the Memorex 4X +R discs. These discs are manufactured by Ricoh (RICHOJPNR01). They have worked well for me. No coasters yet in 50 - 60 burns. Your burner and its firmware dictate the discs you can use. DVD burning is more of a science than CD burning. With Burn Proof CD coasters are most times a thing of the past. DVD burning in not there yet. Some more info on your gear could help in recommendations