Good Price for 32x Lite On?



Hey guys, I'm interested in buying the 32x drive for backing up my sd 2.51 games with way less hassle. Do you think this is a good price to pay? This is where i do all my online shopping, and I don't like the experiences I've had with Ebay, and also The prices in my local computer stores are waaay higher than these. Thanks for the feedback.



Price Watch is the place to find out.


Try they have the 40x LiteOn,about $80 shipped!
They have 10% off and 1/2 price shipping dell home.


Check out the media at . they currently have Taiyo Yuden Silver Lacquer CDR Media 700MB, 80 Min. on Spindle, 32X at .29 for 100.


Can get a LITEON 40x from for $90 with shipping! What a deal. Paid $120 for mine not too long ago.:cool:


I was wondering if any of you know of any australian sites simular to these?
thanx in advance.



why not buy the 32125w writer and flash it to the 40125w writer and possibly the 48 speed writer i bought my 32 speed for £55 in the uk the 40 speed was £70 so i have saved myself £15 if the drive is able to overclock to 48 speed good and well it is priced at £101 in the uk dont be scared to use mtkflash i was but it was a piece of piss to use following the comprohensive instuctions on this site how to use it

  cheers   bighun



Need some help. Would you know how I can recognise whether the 32x burner is the S or W model? Since the S series can’t be overclocked to 48x, one would need to be sure that it’s the W series being purchased.


Reference this drive as a cendyne (ie) rebadge lite-on. For sale @ officemax and staples… I bought 3 to build systems and for a project for my church… paid 60$ for one @ staples no rebadge true liteon, one from officemax 45$ rebadged (just slapped a different sticker on same firmware. and then another one from staples the rebadge was verbatim $35 need to flash to the 32123s… hope this is some help…

Prices were after rebates and coupons :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :smiley: