Good Plextor Drives still around?

Hi all,

I started to use this forum well over a year ago when i was looking to buy a new burner. I purchased the plextor 760a, which i’m very happy with.

Now i need another burner, and i thought i’d get another plextor, but having read a few threads it seems they are not as good as they once were!
Is that really the case?

Other than that i might as well buy one the recently reviewd drives like the pinoeer or lite-on.


The problem is, that Plextor has stopped development of their own drives (as the 760a, which was their last own DVD-writer) and is now only selling third party drives under their own name. These labelled drives are as good or bad as the originals they’re derived of. Plextor apparently does not apply substantial changes (if any at all) to these drives. You can find a list of which drive derives from what original here:

Look at the whole thread linked above for a discussion on the new 850 models. With these drives Plextor has revived their former offering by labelling LiteOn drives and poviding a special software (PlexUtilities) that replaces PlexTools for quality scanning and other functions. So far it’s the closest you can get compared to their former offer with the 760a. In any case it’s more than LiteOn themselves offer for their drives. However, as of yet, the 850 has not been announced in Europe.

Thanks for the link,
It looks like these Plextor drives will still cost a fair bit more than the other brands.

How much do you actually use PlexTools? I use nero? Could i benefit from using plextools for certain funtions?