Good Places to buy Reliable DVD Media from?

Basically, I’m sick and tired of wasting my time and money with the crap media I get from local stores. For some reason (I could think of a few, but they wouldn’t help with this thread and we’d go off topic), it seems almost impossible to find decent quality media in Portugal, where I live. I used to rely on Verbatim, but even media with that label seem to be mostly crap these days - yes, that’s even with supposedly good media codes such as mcc04, etc. I even tried some expensive TY (well, the media code and the disc inscriptions look authentic, I wouldn’t know about the rest), only to get, again, crappy media quality test results.

But that’s more than enough shit chat for my liking.

Where do you guys buy your DVDR media - online ? I need links to decent, reliable sites which can sell equally decent, reliable DVDR media for, hopefully, a decent, reliable price including postage, that kind of thing.

Please, answer only if you’re informed about media quality and how to test it adequately - I know many people on this site are, the reason why I’m posting here :slight_smile:

You have my sincere thanks!

Hi, i think SVP delivers to Portugal (, many people in the UK use it due to great prices and service, a bulk order may reduce shipping costs per disc. Also, before ordering TY again perhaps post the hub codes and disc branding so the CDF can determine if its fake or if your setup is not marrying well with the discs.

When you say that TY and MCC004 are crappy, are you scanning on a lite-on, Plextor or BenQ? I’m just curious as to what scanner you’ve used :slight_smile: - that is the best site I’ve bought from so far :slight_smile:

Yes, I gotta ask the same question as Kev here. And also, what speeds you use to burn, what writer, etc.

Saying that TY and Verbatim both gave bad results, is not a good start as those media are the two most commonly recommended discs :stuck_out_tongue:

I think you should post some pictures of your quality scans. Also, do the burns actually work? Are you just basing your opinion on a quality scan?

Many questions sorry :slight_smile:

Looks like either your burner is faulty, or your scanner is unreliable, or you have irrealistic expectations in terms of PIE/PIF scans, or any combination of these, or all of these… :bigsmile:

If you get crap results from Verbatim and TY, and these are genuine (easy to tell in both cases, from the stampercodes…), there must be something wrong! :doh:

If you think TY and Verbatim crappy, there is NOTHING for me.

Or post your scan, which shows burner, scanner, writing speed and scan results. Let’s work together to figure out what’s wrong.

Thanks for the replies, I appreciate it.

I’m doing the burns with a good “old” BenQ DW1620 and a newer Pioneer 112D.

I usually use Nero CD-DVD Speed for quality testing with the BenQ unit, as I’ve concluded the Pioneer isn’t that hot for scans despite producing good burns.

I’ve been burning for enough time now to know what to expect, and how to do proper burning and testing. I usually burn at 8x and scan each individual disc afterwards, despite doing lots of them. If there is a problem, it’s not from lack of experience :slight_smile:

It IS a fact that I used to get consistently good results with Verbatim media, but the recent media batches seem just crap by comparison. I had noticed long ago that older media with slower promised speeds (mcc02 4x to 8x, etc) was of a significant higher quality than the new generation 16x mcc’s sold for cheaper prices. Of course, nowadays the latter is what you find in stores.

I went from virtually flawless burns with neglectable PIE/PIF and nice-looking 99%-type graphics, to having to cross my fingers on each burn and often getting big ugly error peaks - not just 1 vertical line but a big, ugly Everest-like bunch of errors and yes, it impacts playback directly on standalones as one would expect, leading to skipping and jumps in video segments.

I’d be hardly pressed to believe it’s related to both burner units and that’s why at this point I’m more inclined to blame media quality, but I suppose it could be something else with the system (nothing changed recently, but we all know how volatile software can be). It’s a regular XP SP2 machine with more than enough CPU/RAM and all the right cables and software settings in the right place which, again, worked just fine to produce consistently good burns for the past couple years.

Any ideas ?

An average burn with good old 8x media done somewhere about 1-2 years ago. While far from my best burns, I’d still regard it as a very acceptable disc:

And the kind of crap I’m getting often nowadays with recent 16x media:

This second disc is bad enough to cause playback problems in standalone players (notice the big PIF green spike).

While not all of my recent burns are this bad, they’re significantly worse in average than that first scan above. The best results I’ve seen recently still aren’t nearly as good as the best ones I used to get 1-2 years ago.

BenQ getting old ? Nope, I’m using that second Pioneer unit and the results match. Wrong settings or physical setup ? Nope, nothing changed in the past few years, same system. Firmware ? Nope, tried different versions with both burners.

If it’s not the media and the global dropout in quality it’s been through in recent times, you tell me what it is.

Maybe your player is very picky, the second burn (scan) is good (for me), if you have the
time make a Transfer rate test, and if you see any kind of slowdown, then maybe there is
a problem with that disc.

Yeah doesn’t seem very crap at all… but the PIF clump could cause some problems. That PIF clump could also be a spot of unburnt dye on the disc, usually caused by dust getting onto the disc prior to burning.

Do all the verbatim burns have playback problems? Do they happen throughout the disc? If you are getting constant playback problems, it could be the player. You should test in your player to see if those MCC003 verbatims work without skipping also. Your player may be on it’s way out since that burn should only cause problems at the PIF clump, or not at all.

EDIT: Might I also add that calling this a global dropout in media quality is good example of taking scanning too seriously. Both burns are rather good, apart from the PIF spike in the second. Scanning is in no way an actual means of testing true quality and playability. It is after all, a 50-100 dollar home based drive. It can’t actually judge whether or not a disc will work 100%. It’s not designed for professional quality testing at all. I’m pretty sure this is probably a player problem. Have you tested in other standalone dvd players yet?

There’s still plenty of questions to be answered before we can start saying the quality of verbatim discs has dropped :stuck_out_tongue:

You pretty much answered your own questions there: that PIF spike is the problem, and the reason for this thread in the first place.

I’m getting that kind of big error spikes too often in my burns, which are far from what I’d call a “good”, or for that matter, normal burn. That’s about 1000+ PIFs just in one small area of the disc, which as expected causes skipping in both standalone players I’ve tested the disc(s) on.

This is no dirt-related problem or something similar with an individual, odd disc. It’s been happening in maybe like 1 out of 3 burns I do lately. It’s not a bad media box either; I’ve been using and testing different boxes from different batches, from different manufacturers and with different media codes. When I’m lucky, I get an half-crappy (by my above standards) but playable disc, and when I’m not, I get something like the above second scan or even worse.

Can it possibly be a coincidence that I used to do consistently good burns until I ran out of the older media I had in stock a few months ago, only to find that the media I buy nowadays in local stores give me all these troubles ? And that I still got good results after this with the last older batch media I managed to find, only to again get to crap results with newer media ?

From where I’m standing, there are two possibilites here: something on my system is messing up (and if so, it would be most likely software-related), or it’s the media. Now, knowing the evolution of DVDR media in recent years, the world market as it is and the way things work, and knowing this country and its particular market as I do, I have no hesitation in believing that this is a media supply problem.

Unfortunately, I have no easy way of testing one of my burners in a different system or just plunging for the good old school format and reinstall everything approach. It’s not something I’d go for except as the very last resort.

At this point I’d rather order a couple DVDR boxes from a reliable place and form my own conclusions from there. Which brings us to my initial request:

Where do you guys buy your DVDR media - online ? I need links to decent, reliable sites which can sell equally decent, reliable DVDR media for, hopefully, a decent, reliable price including postage, that kind of thing.

I already got one there; what other sites people here use to get those fine, top notch quality discs ?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

With due respect for your “experience”, calling this media “crap” because of such a scan, shows ignorance of what PIE/PIF scanning actually is. You need to go back to the basics, you’ve been trapped in the widely spread illusion that good media must show near-flawless PIE/PIF scans, and worse than that, the illusion that great PIE/PIF scans indicate great media.
Have you put this disc through a transfer rate test BTW?

This second disc is bad enough to cause playback problems in standalone players .
Woaw, your standalone players must be really crappy then. :rolleyes:
Take a look at this disc, which plays flawlessly in almost any standalone player I put it in… proving that you can’t jump to simple conclusions about readability from homemade PIE/PIF scanning results. That’s just a very misguided (and sadely widely spread) use of scanning, which relies more on faith than on anything else.

To reply to your question, I buy my media from SVP, but if you want only near-flawless PIE/PIF scans, you’ll have to stick exclusively with YUDEN000T02 (TY 8X +R)…

…Or go with questionable media like Daxon AZ3, RITEK P16… They scan better than current Verbatim MCC004. :stuck_out_tongue: LOL

Guess what? I prefer my MCC004… :cool: (but YUDEN000T2 is still among the best available discs IMO, just that you’ll have difficulties to find them!)

Ouch! “Casualties” is just the right name for that disc :smiley:

Never thought about that LOL :bigsmile: (Full name is “Casualties of war”, as you probably guessed…)

michael j fox, vietnam war film yes ? :stuck_out_tongue: your’e tth scans better then mine did lol :frowning:



your’e tth scans better then mine did lol :frowning:
:eek: :eek: Woaw! IMust be really awful. I’m interested, did you report somewhere on the board? (let’s not highjack this thread, so just give me a link :))