Good place to buy bulk, cheap CD Sleves with no window?

I am looking for a place where I can buy a massive amount of CD sleeves (2000 or so) but am shocked at some of the insane prices I am seeing for these simple paper sleeves. Also, I am having a bit of trouble finding these sleeves without plastic windows, plastic windows suck because I would like to be able to feed them thru a laser printer and print on the front rather than seeing the CD inside. Also, ones without windows should be cheaper. I absolutely do not want plastic sleeves or cases. Best thing I found on my own was this. 75 bucks seems a little steep to me for 2000 paper cd sleves without a window. I would imagine a more guudar ( :stuck_out_tongue: ) price would be about 40 or 50 bucks tops.

Just as a side note, I am also looking for something to keep them in, maybe something like the aluminum case of 1000 that is mentioned in this section of the forum? (I would get that, but i dont like that the cases are dual sided and aren’t paper)

Here is the best I can come up with, only a little better for 3000. At least the shipping is free.

Walamrts has them for 2.99 for 50 in colors (Memorex), maybe I misunderstood, these are envelopes.

But those have a window :’(

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I have decided to just buy the CD sleeves here locally in Poland (where I am at for vacation XD) I found 2000 of the kind I want for only ~70zł (about 22 bucks) and take them back to the states with me XD.

Praise Poland and it’s cheapass CD sleeves :bow: lmao
Tho I really don’t see why they aren’t that cheap in the states, they must be making a HUGE profit on them. I mean, it’s just paper with a tiny bit of adhesive. 2000 CD sleeves shouldn’t cost much more than 2000 sheets of paper + 2 or three glue sticks + the low price to manufacture a crapload of them. Since they aren’t a popular item I guess they wanna make like 400% profit or something.

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