*Good place 2 get DVD Covers?*



Hey guys, I’m backing up as much of my DVD collection as I can. I am starting with the scratched/caseless DVDs that I have, and then the newer ones last. That being said, I have several DVDs that have lost cases and even more that my ex-girlfriends dog chewed on. I already bought replacement DVD cases for them, and I was wanting to print covers to put in them…Any ideas?

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DJ Mind


Because of the problems associated with using labels, see this thread. You might consider just using a sharpie pen to mark them.
If you are asking where to get images of labels that are pre scanned that’s a different question, and you could try cdcovers.cc, but you may have clean your machine after going there. I am assuming that you don’t have a scanner, otherwise scan your own.


Hi djmind,

you can find dvd covers there : http://www.cdcovers.cc/dvd_a.php

and you can also search for dvd covers from there : http://www.mega-search.net/
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Yes cdcovers.cc is a great place. Just make sure you have a pop up blocker and be careful what you click. I get covers there all the time and have had no problems.


Thanks Guys!!!

I just got a few from there, they are pretty good!

Anyone know the exact pixel dimensions they are supposed to be? I noticed they are different on most of them, i was gonna use batch-it to make em all the right size.

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DJ Mind


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There is a program called CDCoverSearch which will bypass all of the BS from some of these cover sites and download the image directly to your computer. It works for all type of covers and searches several sites. You can get it here: http://www.karels0ft.be/ I think the site requires registration, but the searcher works very well.



That program did cut out all the bs, I love it!!!

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DJ Mind


Use CoverXP (The free version), also download it from www.cdcovers.cc
Then you will always get the exact dimensions.


Thanks…will try it out!

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DJ Mind