Good organization software?



I have been trying to clean up my computer (burning all my media files onto dvd) and once again realize that I have endless crap on my computer that has gone ignored and has only been gone through a little for years.
Does anybody know of any good organization software or software to find duplicate files (comparing files, not just thier names) to deal with a messy computer? I need something that can search through diffrent hard drives and partitions and help organize it. Freeware is of course cool but I don’t mind paying if thier is a free trial so I can see if I like it.
Fyi, yes I did google and found endless programs but I don’t want to install dozens of programs to try them if you guys have some good recomendations to narrow it down.


I use iolo’s System Mechanic 5 Pro to keep my pc’s clean. You can dl a 30 day trail from them here:

PC magazine rates it as one of the best.

"Whether you are looking to find and fix stubborn computer errors; clean-up, compact, and defragment your registry; defragment your hard drive and memory; speed-up Windows and the Internet; protect your e-mail and computer from viruses, worms, spyware, and hackers; secure your PC; or perform a variety of critical system maintenance tasks; the award-winning System Mechanic Product Family has the right tools for the job. "


Thanks, I’ll check that out.