Good or Defective BENQ 1655? post problems here

i & my friend bought i/o magic drives & one of three was bad although it was just a minor problem.

tray mech was making strange noise; maybe it needed more lub :wink:

Hi :slight_smile:
I still can’t say I get a click as such to be of any real meaning. There’s obviously a slight ‘whirring’ as the drive spins up to read the discs info.

My OEM 1655 has some clicking issues as well when the tray is being closed. I hear one click when the tray is first closing (not the sound make from the act of pressing the button) and one click when the tray is fully closed. I think at this point I’m just looking for things that are wrong to convince myself to take it back. :confused:

Just happened to be looking at the 1655 atneweggand here is what the second Customer review says:

Pros: None…

Cons: Dead from the box. Would not read or write any media…

Other Thoughts: Other people had the same problem with the Retail Model. Must be a factory problem. Wonder if they use ISO Standards???


Crossg; If you remember they were the same complaints when first 1640 came out and lots of people in this forum were commenting about quality contol problem with BenQ 1640 production but finally these conplaints die out.

Yes I remember only too well, seems my 4 OEM BenQs are still working fine.:slight_smile:

I just got a 1655 retail from a nearby shop yesterday. It read just fine, but burning was the problem. An 8x burn always took 13-15min to complete, instead of like 8min like it should. Nero would always say like 8min remaining at the beginning of the burn, but then it would get really slow as it got into the burn some more. The burn would always complete succesfully but had alot more pif errors than I’m used to with my 1625 or 1640. Tried everything I could do to make it work, dma on, master slave, etc, etc, but always did the same thing. I took it back for another, retail again, and it works like a charm straight away, gooood scans so far too, just like my other 2 benqs.

After I knew it worked, flashed it to the new BCDB fw and it’s working just fine. Although one thing that made me sad :sad:, is that I get the same problems as I did on my 1640 (had 2, both did the same thing) when I disable the riplock using Media code speed edit. Gets very erratic reading when reaching higher speeds, when benchmarking it with nero cd speed. My 1625 is the only one of the three that doesn’t have this problem, works awesome as a ripper, nice smooth curves all the way, and fast. Unfortunately with the 1640 and 1655 I have to go with stock 12x max. So I’m thinking I’ll use the 1625 to rip, and 1655 to burn, actually will work out quite good I think.

I burned over a hundred of these discs with Nero 6 & 7 in my Liteon SOHW-1693S. There were no write errors. I was looking to improve the quality of my burns as shown by disc scans.

Obviously I can’t get an improvement if most of the burns are write failures. Any suggestions?

My retail is fine. :slight_smile:

Retail 1655 working just fine here.

my retail 1655 is fine too.

I purchased a DW1555 retail. The drive would not acknowledge any kind of disc, even tried updating the firmware and still nothing.

I rma’ed it and was told the same thing after they checked it out. I should be getting my replacement in a couple of days. Hopefully i get a working drive!

My OEM 1655 is just awesome. I’ve made dozens of 16x burns with Verbatim MC004 and Nero 6. Not one coaster. I had NEC and Liteon before and couldn’t make a good 16x burn.


Hey CaptDoug, welcome to the forum. Could you share some Nero CD-DVD Speed scans of your x16 burns? It’d be interesting to compare yours with mine (which sucked on my OEM 1655). Thanks!


some random thoughts that strike me as odd. overall forum wisdom is the retail is better, yet the retail drive is the drive showing the most defects. sampling size amazingly small (u mean only 35 people in this whole forum have 1655’s). and on the heels of this statement i think that since the sampling size is so small no clear conclusion can be drawn.

My BenQ DW 1655 LS does not recognize Verbatim +R DL and My Sony DRU81A does not recognize Ritada +R DL but I haven’t tried Ridata with DW1655 yet. Any thought would be helpful.
Thanks in advance

I bought my BenQ DW1655 from Future shop in early January at C$70.00.

I put it into my Dell 3000 PC to replace the Pioneer 108 OEM and move the pioneer to another PC.

So far with the new DW1655, I got more coasters and bad burns than the old pioneer.

It usually gave me bad burns or coasters at around 10% completion with Nero 6.6 when burning a .nrg image file to a DVD-R.
( Nero’s buffer was down from 89% to 13% and seems there was a pause.
It happened before with the Pioneer but didn’t affect any burning quality.
However, Nero 5 did not exhibit this kind of behaviour.
Anyway, all DVD writers with buffer-under-run protection should still produce a good burn.)

With the DW1655, probably 1 out of 3, I would get a perfect burn with good scans.
For those bad burns, I can notice some obvious burning spots near the outer tracks area (about 0.3’ to 0.5" from the rim) on the DVD-R media.

I have tried both Verbatim and TDK media (MIT), results were quite similar.

I think this is probably a QC problem with BenQ on these DW1655 retail drives.

I’ll try to get a replacement from Futureshop if possible.

Anyone else has experience with this burning spots issues ?!

OEM Benq 1655. Working fine now.
At first it burned MCC04 (quality achieved= 97 as per CD-DVD Speed) and YUDEN02 (quality = 98-99)
I got 3-4 coasters using TTG02 (burning stopped at 80-90% at any speed).
I fixed the Windows Registry and reinstalling Decrypter, now I’m burning MCC04, MCC03, SONY D11, TTG02 and YUDEN02 at top speed achieving quality from 96 to 99.