Good or Defective BENQ 1655? post problems here

Thought a thread with a list of what was wrong with the drive and was it retail, oem, or rebaged Benq DW1655. This way we can see if any patterns exists etc.

Please only post non working or rmaed drives here, bad burns does not neccesarily mean a bad drive, could be the media :iagree:

OEM Drive BCAB firmware, very loud when reading or buring, Would get errors writing to media using CDSpeed, media often would burn at incorrect speeds. After 3 days drive would not eject and light stayed solid green with no disk inserted.

RMAed for retail version, so far retail works fine.

I got a DW1655 this week, OEM one, and i’m dissapointed with it… I’ve tried 3 different media brand.

el cheapo(Don’t rememeber the brand) 8x brand, burned 8 coasters out of 8 tries
Maxell DVD+R 8X (???), 1 bad burn out of 3
Maxell DVD-R 8X (Ritekg05), Some good burns, too much bad burns…

I don’t know if my drive is bad or if i was just unlucky with bad media, but man, i’m new to DVD burning and it’s quite a chore…

Hi :slight_smile:
Welcome to the forum, unfortunately your media isn’t the best. With SolidBurn enabled for known media you should be able to improve your lot.
If your not familar with SolidBurn click on link for QSuite & download version 2.1. Also click on manual to give you a brief outline of the features.

Try using better quality DVD MEDIA like TAIYO YUDEN (MADE IN JAPAN), SONY & FUJI DVD+R media. As long as the spindle says “MADE IN JAPAN” that’s the dvd media to use with your BENQ drive. Or you can use VERBATIM dvd media which is “MADE IN TAIWAN”. The MAXELL “MADE IN TAIWAN” is crappy media to use.

I bought a retail 1655 from newegg on Jan 4, the first day they showed up there. It could read fine but all writes hung on writing Lead-In.

The replacement unit works flawlessly. I’ve never seen such good quality with my TY media.

POIR, lemme give you a warmth welcome to CDFREAKS Forum.
POIR, your test should be inconclusive since you are not giving enough justice to your BenQ drive. I have had problems with my drive too, but found out later that it was a “bad flash” when my computer wasn’t running at optimal performance when I flashed it. So I reflashed it after loading NFORCE driver loaded and the transfer rate curve was smooth on the reading test to ensure “good flashing integrity”. Now my drive is working perfect and serving me well, burning around 5 discs a day

Thanx to all you for the warm welcome.

I think you’re probably right about the bad media situation instead of a bad drive. Activating Solidburn improved the success burning rate, as in i produce less coasters. However, when they work, i have the impression the quality could be higher…

I browsed around the forum and i think i’ll try fuji dvd from japan next.

Anyway, i still have question i’ll post in another thread in a proper place coughnewbie forumcough and i’ll also post scan results in the scan thread. Ill ask if those results indicate good burn. I have a little idea about the topic, but i’d need some explanation.

See ya there

I bought 2 retail DW1655s. I flashed the firmware to BCDB. Media was Ritek 4x DVD+R & Ritek 2.4x DVD+R DL. The first 2 attempts with the 4x media failed on one drive. The second burned two 4x disks then failed with the first DL media. All the failures were “Write Errors” announced by Nero 7.

Both drives were returned. My BenQ experience only cost me $10. I’ll just stick with Liteon from here on.

Are there a lot of manafacturing defects with the 1655 ? (Coz i was planning on maybe buying one)

Hi :slight_smile:
Nine votes so far in the poll, how many happy campers can you find posting scans & putting the 1650/1655 at the top of their recommended list. No manufacturer is perfect. I currently have 3 1640s’ & 2 of each of the 1650s’/1655s’ all functioning as they should. The 1650/1655s’ consist of 1 retail 1 oem of each model. In my experience there has been no differences of note between any of these drives.

Too bad really, you media selection is poor and burning application riddled with bugs! :Z :Z

I have DW1655 i had no problem with burning any dvd’s, I think Benq has very poor QC that is why some many bad drives are finding themself in the retail Channel.

:wink: Fitted my retail 1655 this am, Made Nov 05 China, F/W BCAB, seems very quite, low, high pitched noise when spinning disk, Burned 1 Emtec (Fujifilm03) DVD-R 8X so far, with Decrypter, no probs in about 8 mins, a 4.5Gig .iso file.

Bought two OEM 1655 (Made in China, BenQ sticker at the back of the drive, no logo on faceplate). First one had to be RMAed because of delivery problems (Parcelforce stored it in a very damp place the night before and it arrived dripping with condensation). Its scans were very erratic. It was swapped for an identical drive which was very loud and its scans erratic as well. Overspeed would go mad, burning x4 discs at x16 with horrible results. when I tried to flash it with latest official BenQ firmware it went to the Great DVD Spirit In The Sky… It will be exchanged by BenQ for a retail model on Tuesday. I received my new retail 1650 a few days ago and so far I’m very pleased with its scans and overburning performace (managed to overspeed at x8 and overburn very cheap x4 DVD+Rs at 4687Mb:

Hi :slight_smile:
CyberMan969, glad to see your getting somewhere at last. Due to problems with couriers I try to pick up any hardware direct myself. I’m currently running 1 oem & 1 retail of each (1650/1655- making 4 out of 6 of my internal drives for testing purposes) So far there’s nothing to separate them. Apart from f/w. I notice that you’ve already flashed this drive.

I flashed it and prayed to all known gods for it not to die like the OEM 1655. It survived. By the way, have you noticed a single clicking noise on 1650/1655 immediately after they take a disc in?

Watch Parcelforce Guys,

Left my Retail 1655 in Our recycling Bin!
After telling me on the card thru door,
So thats OK Parcelforce?
Seems they do not like making a return visit, left a package from Amazon beside front door facing street last week!

Hi :slight_smile:
I’ve experienced the odd click & so far put it down to the media as it’s not ever present See if this clicking happens all the time. If it doesn’t check to see if jitter is higher with media that causes this click. It could be stability related.

Yep. My OEM make a couple of clicking noises when media is inserted. Doesn’t seem to have any negative impact though.:slight_smile: