Good Old Days

Good Old days when this community was still friendly, members where so excited with the topic, chats and exchange of ideas. Good Old days when contributors of idea and solutions where recognized and respected.
Good Old days when the format and name was cdfreaks not just confusing “myce”.

Good Old days when the “Moderators” where chosen for their contribution and dedication to the community and the site not as watchdogs.
Let’s all wish that in the coming New Year we will see some of those Good Old Days back again. This is my new wish for this New Year.

Happy New Year

Ahhhh yes the good old days we probably won’t ever see them again around here just like we
won’t ever see the good old days of less than $1.00 for a gallon of milk and less than $.33¢ for
a gallon of gasoline either. :disagree: :bigsmile:

Happy New Year (when it arrives), TCAS :flower:

I still find folk as friendly as ever, it’s why I have hung around this long (apart from the fact that it’s probably the only place that would put up with me :bigsmile: ).

I’m sorry that you don’t find folk as friendly as I do, though :sad::sad:

Good Old days when the “Moderators” where chosen for their contribution and dedication to the community and the site not as watchdogs.

Watchdogs? Again, I in particular probably do more posting than “watching” :bigsmile:…but you know, if there’s areas we staff could improve on, maybe you could let us know so that we have something to work from - it’s called constructive criticism :wink:

Nothing stays the same, :disagree: And it really shouldn’t , we should all grow and learn. :smiley:

But this site is still the friendliest and most helpful that I have come across. And that is why I am still around here learning and trying to help others as best as I can.


Happy New Year :bigsmile:

Things evolve, even if we dont like it this is the way that life is, so either you (or you can replace it with [B]we[/B]) evolve or you stay where you are and eventually you die.
I also dont think that mods are watchdogs, I also remember this site/forum was (and is) based on users that are willing to answer question, and maybe explore new things. So as long as people are willing to help and learn, i dont see anything bad about the new days.

Happy New Year TCAS

By the way you change back to the retro v1 style (if your not using it already) at the lower left of any page. You might just want to make it permanent in the Control Panel settings.

I still use the old v1 style :smiley:

Moderators have never been chosen here to be watchdogs, and i’m really puzzled why you see it this way, TCAS.
They are chosen because of their contributions, their skill levels, and most importantly, their communication and people skills.

Just like in real life, with real communities/villages/towns/cities. People come and go, some stay around, staff come and go, some stick around.
Just like in real communities, this site has to keep up to date with whats new and whats old and on the way out. Communities who are not willing to go with the times either die or become irrelevant, we have no plans to die or become irrelevant.

In the end, some people here provide the venue and frontpage content, but it’s the members who make the site what it is. Nothing has changed except a change of focus and a name. Any other changes are purely natural, and could be expected to change in real life communities as well.

[QUOTE=bean55;2479913]Nothing stays the same, :disagree: And it really shouldn’t , we should all grow and learn. :D[/QUOTE]

Definitely :slight_smile: - by nature, I can often be quite resistant to change, I don’t like stepping outside my comfort zone, I guess - but as far as the CDF/MyCE change went, the benefits I get from visiting the forum/site (posting/interacting with some great people, learning new stuff) far outweighed any unease I might have felt at the change. :slight_smile:

Hi :slight_smile:
Change is inevitable.
Change can be good.
But changing just for the sake of it rarely is.
In terms of the front/home page.
I never really visit as it is usually a case of already seen it elsewhere.
This says as much about my browsing habits as it does about CDF/MyCE.
Forum layout hasn’t really changed (I use V1 :wink: ).
Again says as much (if not more) about me as the forums.
Community spirit has changed.
In part to move from DVD to other formats of entertainment has left a hole to plug.
Some of the areas CDF/MyCE is moving into is already covered by others.
So this has a lot of challenges ahead, with such competition.
The forum had to re-evaluate its direction.
A revamp to layout to, was also likely.
Name change.
Personally I might have stuck with CDF, but changed what those initials stood for.
With a new logo hinting as to what was likely to found @ the all new CDF {MyCE}.
But content & community are more important than the name.
Some key players have withdrawn or changed their preferences.
This is unfortunate. But quite usual in any long standing set up.
Social/work/family circles, all are subject to changing members/roles of said members etc.
Here folk [Management], are at least making an effort. :bow:
However no-one can predict 100% what will work & what won’t.
It is down to members to produce constructive criticism in the right areas.
Without some other members just barracking these folk & siding with management. :rolleyes:
This happens here more than most forums I frequent.
That said forums as bad or even worse drop off my visiting list.
So put in perspective it is not that bad here.
I still visit, if in a lesser capacity.
It is worth baring in mind that some folk who now keep a lower profile or left.
My have changes going on that have little to do with these forums.
Becoming a mother/dad - moving area/job.
All sorts of stuff going on.
So if you feel really strongly about any aspect, speak up.
But do it in a constructive way.
Don’t just bitch.
( I know some here felt I did a lot of that :eek: )
None my post is directed at the OP.
TCAS was/is a worthy member of this community. :clap:

[QUOTE=Arachne;2479977]Definitely :slight_smile: - by nature, I can often be quite resistant to change, I don’t like stepping outside my comfort zone, [/QUOTE]

Lot’s of people don’t, I was the very last in my family to get a cell phone, and I still only use it as a phone, :iagree: that’s how much I like change.


As a moderator, I wear many hats. First and foremost, it seems, I’m a greeter. Next a ‘fact checker’. Next a ‘reliable resource’. And finally, a ‘trash man’. My name going green really didn’t change how I view or interact on the forum much. Still, I am honored to be on the staff.