Good Nu deal at NewEgg--is it a benq?



Sorry if this is a stupid question, as I’m a total newb to DVD burning…I was leaning towards the Nec, but most the OEMs don’t come with software…I noticed this out on newegg today (Nu DDW-163), seemed like a terrific deal:

I’ve heard this is the benq drive? Is this true? Is the software passable?

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I just looked at your link this most likely is a BENQ1620…Why? The 2.4x DL, 40x CDR and 40x CD-ROM. But I cannot guarantee but that is what you look for to help make the confirmation.

Not sure where you are located but if you are in USA you can get an I/O MAGIC 16x (BENQ1620) for $59 after MIR at Circuit City. Just look for those details mentioned above. It also will say BENQ in very small print on the top label.

Hope this helps


Yes the NU DDW-163 is an OEM BenQ DW1620A.


the nu 163 uses fw G7L9 and G7P9 if thats clue.


Sweet…thanks greatly for the help…I’d assume I’ll be able to flash this bad boy to the new Pro firmware for 4x dual layer, right?


G7P9 is pro fw so I would say yes.


To make it easier.

Download the two and run WinDWFlash and load B7S9.CVT and flash.

If you prefer B7P9, this instead.

These provide support for 4x DVD+R DL:



If you really want a 3500 it is very easy to find OEM versions of Nero for as little as $4 delivered. Also the 3500 is starting to become available with software.



Actually I got the BenQ at CC and it does say DL 2.4x, but, in my case, it did not say BenQ anywhere on the box.