Good news :)



Here it is:

but not for the 716A :confused:


Prodisc following BeAll. I hope there will be 16x 4.9GB media at US$0.1.


Oooh, I’m glad the 712A is supported! I could use another 200MB on each disc… :smiley:

I guess they had problems with the 716A? Maybe the hardware isn’t up to scratch? Or maybe it’s not a priority, as it writes to DL media anyway?


I think Plextor will add support for this disc to their new firmware for 716.


I have the 708A and the 712A but I don’t like -R …

So o’well for me…


i’ve got a 708UF but i don’t like -R either …hehe…could care less if the 716 ended up supporting these discs…i can always overburn my +Rs anyway if necessary :wink:


I think 716 will be able to handle it.


The 716a does indeed via Autostrategy. Look here:


that’s a pretty big difference in scans between the plex, benq and lite-on. i’m thinking of getting a 1620/40 so i can make my scans look better :stuck_out_tongue:


Too late drpino. All 1620/40 is out of stock and the benq forum ticket is sold out. :stuck_out_tongue:


awww shucks…guess i’ll just have to get the 740…:stuck_out_tongue: