Good news for copying protected dvd "Cowboys & Aliens"



Just received report about the coming dvd “Cowboys & Aliens”, I know it will be released tomorrow, so our team quickly worked out the decryption files for it, so that users can make a copy of it as it comes out.

So far, we’ve fixed two editions of this DVD. For region 2&4 and region 4. Maybe you’re quite interested what tricks the producer did on it.

OK, let me do a simple explanation. The dvd doesn’t have cell command needed to handle, but has a lot of fake VTS and PGC, and the menu of the first VTS is fake. For region 2,4 edition, it seems it’s a theater edition, there’s only one real title, which is title 60. But for region 4 edtion, there’re multile real titles.

We’ve uploaded the decryption files to our server. If you want to backup the dvd, just download Ideal DVD Copy from to have a try.

If you still can’t copy it, that mostly means your edition is another one which we haven’t fixed. Just keep the DVD in your DVD drive, click on the top left corner of Ideal DVD Copy main form, click “Export bup files”, then send the exported .buz file to our support team, we’ll analyze it and fix it within one day.

If you want to rip Coyboyws & Aliens dvd to iPad, iPod, Avi or other mp4 format for your smart phone or portable device, just download the proper converter from . Ideal Blu-ray Copy also can copy the blu-ray edition of the dvd. You may have a try.